Two years laterMature

Wyntre is eleven, Ashke twelve. It's the day after thanksgiving, they were having their family thanksgiving. (Grandparents were there for thanksgiving.)

They were going out, Rebecca and Wyntre, to see a movie. "Twilight" (Shut up, I read all four books and liked them. I am not a hardcore glitterfest fan.)

All night she had been thinking of how to tell her mother. She had essentially obsessed over it... They were pulling up to the gates when she finally told her. Her mother pulled through the gates, and parked in the parking lot and called Krystof. She freaked out.

Wyntre nearly got out of the car and ran.

The police got involved.

Her dads mother was called, and she came out and told them that she thought they were lying and made it up.

Her grandmother stopped looking at her the way she used to, stopped talking to her the way she used too. She never did anything with her like she did Ashke.

But what it seemed like to her, was that she'd stopped loving her. That was the biggest pain.

Lets backtrack.

A few of their neighbors. Wyntre'd befriended the adults. Tyg, he was also in the army. They'd watched a movie together, and she roughhoused with his dog. He knew about her father.

Ashley Brandon and Owen. A family. Ashley and Brandon became like her second family, Owen became like her son.

She adored Ashley. Ashley used to be in the army, Brandon was in the army.

Owen was two at the time.

They had a small puppy, his name was Hercules.

They had two cats.

Law enforcement never helped her or her family. They asked questions they shouldn't have, and once an agent went to the house and harassed Rebecca.

Her family was slowly falling apart, and there was nothing she could do.

The End

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