February 19th, 2006Mature

Wyntre's getting off the school bus with two other friends that live next door. (Emma, Ava) They saw their older brother, (Jake) and ran toward him and started rough housing. When he finally stopped them with "I have to go to work", they jumped on the hood of his car as he was backing up. Wyntre followed suit. When she finally got ahold, she was on for a few seconds, and then she fell off.

Her leg bent, and went under the wheel. She couldn't make a sound or move for a couple minutes, she couldn't hear anything, and then finally her screams broke the silence. She was dragged into the house, and her grandmother tried to get her to bend her knee out. She couldn't, it only led to more excruciating pain. She was rushed off to the E.R. Her mum was called, and she rushed off work and to the E.R. The doctor checked her out, and said she'd be fine.

Wyntre was given a thing to wrap around her knee to keep from moving it or anything, and was told not to do anything. They went out for dinner that night, Wyntre was carried through the restaurent, many onlookers... She wasn't allowed to walk, either. She was fine within a few weeks. But... She can't feel her lower thigh or whole knee. The nerves are torn. The spot where the nerves are torn is purple. She tentatively touches it, aching inside. 

The End

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