Two Years Later:

The girl is three now, her golden tipped locks of hair gone, replaced with dark brown hair.
The boy has brown hair as well, while the mother has red hair, and is quite long. The fathers hair is almost black, also very long. Ah, names have been skipped. The mothers name is Rebecca Anne MacBryghde, the fathers name is Krystof Winter MacBryghde, the boys name is Ashke Thurir MacBryghde, and the girls name is Wyntre Godibhe (Daughter of the Goddess Brigid) MacBryghde.

A family of four, equaled out. There are two cats, one dog. A wolf, actually. For a three year old, she loved playing in big bags and boxes. They were often outside, the boy and girl. Like most toddlers, they always got dirty, always making messes. But like every toddler, once time for sleep came, they both would pass out, no complications. Except for one occasion, it was the girl. The mother would set the bed up, Wyntre would rip the blankets off. And at Wyntres first birthday party, she had cupcake all over her face, she wanted to share...

The End

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