The BeginningMature

This, is Wyntre Godibhe MacBryghde's story.
Told from the beginning.
As it really is.

Flowers and grass swayed in the breeze. The gentle fall of snow made the quiet even more noticeable. At this time, it is 1998, 8:30 am. in Fresno, California. A women is in labor. At 9:48 am. she will give birth to a girl.

To the mother, she will look like a small pink twinkie. The name given to this girl will be Wyntre. It is March 4th, 10:12 am. both mother and baby fast asleep from exhaustion. The father is asleep in a chair pulled up to the hospital bed, the mothers hand in is. The mother is just over nineteen, the father seven years older.

He was already given a son, and lucky enough to have a daughter as well. The doctor had told them she would be unable to birth. Yet here they are in the hospital again, on their second baby. The first time, the mother and baby both nearly died. This time, both made it through, no complications.

As the mother slowly awakens, she sees her husband passed out in the chair. She smiles and looks to her left, seeing her child sleeping. It calmed her. She had made it though a second pregnancy, there was nothing more she could ask for. She would bring both kids up right. A week later, they were out of the hospital.

Ashke, their son, was staring at his sister, who blightly stared back at him, smiled, and giggled for the first time. Ashke burst into laughter and wiggled his little fingers toward his mothers face. She smiled and playfully "ate" them. He examined his fingers a moment and wriggled around for a toy. His birthday was coming up, he'd be two.

She picked Wyntre up and sat on the couch, cradling her. while Ashke crawled up onto the couch and onto her lap. She loved how they smelled. She loved how they smiled and laughed. She thought wistfully how she was going to miss it, she was enlisting in the army.

The End

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