Not Just Me, Not Just HerMature

Whenever someone first meets my mom there's a reaction I always anticipate. This reaction, sometimes even before they greet her or anyone else, is either "Why is your mom so young?" or "Is that your sister?" 

Let me see, maybe she's so young because she had my sister at the age of twenty. I used to be kind of proud of the fact that she looked prettier and brighter than my friends' moms when I was young. Now, it becomes a problem in life skills, especially whenever we talk about abstinence or having unprotected sex, etc. 

"If you're unmarried, therefore most likely very young, it's most advisable that you have protected sex all the time to prevent pregnancy at too young an age. Sometimes people also go for abstinence, which is where you refrain from intercourse until legally married." 

This coming out of Mr. Boylan's mouth is supposed to be hilarious. But it seems if I'm in their class, people just forget to laugh and stare at me instead. So my mom was unmarried and people assume she had unprotected sex, hence Annalise (and it's not only assumption, it's the truth sadly enough) - no need to rub it in my face when the subject itself is already so touchy. 

It's pretty sad actually, because my mom's quite an okay person. She does all the right things - she gave me "the talk", she doesn't let me watch rated-R movies (even though I do that in my own time), and she has a great taste in clothes, which is like, a bonus. I love my mom... most of the time. 

You know, I was thinking how it's really unfair for me to have to go through all those uncomfortable stares. Had adultery, divorce, or "inappropriate flirting" been part of the life skills curriculum, I wouldn't be the only one. Macaulay Davis' mom was a whore, Fiona Highland's parents went through a nasty divorce, as did Victoria Lansing's, and everyone knows Jake Kissinger's dad hits on every adult female he sees and subscribes for Playboy magazine. 

I should sue. 

The End

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