Later Dissapointments

  The online flowershop had just what Nair was looking for. The flowers were perfect. Just what Lydia would want. Lydia was going to meet him at Fatzellis in about two hours for some Italian food and sweet red wine. Nair saw that is was nearing 4:30 and he had just one hour to go before work was over. Mr Gherty had not said anything pertaining to the proposal that Nair had written up. The proposal must have been ok since nothing was said. Nair closed up his documentations for the day.

Nair realized that there were probably going to be alot of other people at Fatzellis and he wanted to make sure he and Lydia got a good table. He grabbed his Iphone and clicked an app to make solid table reservations for the date.

"Hello" Welcome to Fatzellis" is this for reservation?" we have 4 tables left for this evening. Nair told the conciere that he needed a table by the fountain since that was the best location for romance. "Yes sir Nair we have your accomodations reserved for this evening at 7:00 pm.

Nair called Lydia to make sure they were still on for tonite. "Hello" yes Nair Im still planning to have dinner with you at 7:00 tonite. "Great" I was just checking for sure "How was your day today Lydia?" "Fine and yours" "Well its not totally over with yet I still have some work to do but then its all playtime after that."

"Mr Gharty is coming towards my cubicle." Gotta go Love you" Goodbye."

"Goodbye Nair, love you too" Cant wait to see you tonite."

The End

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