Nair and his Adventures

The story is about Nair the character in the story is a small hair who has a job and a girlfriend and all the normal things that humans have. Join Nair in his daily adventures and follow him in the fun and drama of his life.

  The day was just beginning and the sun shown bright through the ivory curtains in Nairs two room apt. He had a long night working on his Bosses proposal that was due to be turned in today. Nair rose with a yawn he scratched his rear end and went into his small bathroom to take his shower. He remembered that today was his and Lydias 14 day anniversary. Lydia is his girlfriend and she would be sorely dissapointed if he forgot. Nair scrubbed up and dryed off and put on his deoderant and combed him. The last thing to do was put on his bowtie and off to work he would go. Nair started up his Comb7500 car and zoomed off to the office.

He arrived at the office and was happy to hand over the proposal completed to his boss Mr. Gharty. Nair strolled away to his cubicle with his briefcase in hand.

Quickly getting on his computer he ordered the most fabulous flowers for his sweetheart Lydia.

The End

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