The start of it all

First story I've written just want to know how it is and if its interesting any help will help thank you

There was a man named Michael that traveled to a city called Red San, The city was known for the red sand that surrounded the city, the buildings where made out of red brick and wood. Michael was about 5.9, medium build, with a black beard with silver highlights showing his age! he wore a thick blackish gray cloak he wore a black shirt and pants, with a pair of black leather boots, wore a bow across his chest and a quiver of arrows on his back. Michael was walking threw the town when he approached a small diner, the united dinner made of many woods, Michael sat in the corner in the back of the diner facing the door waiting for something to walked in, he waited for waited for hours waiting not speaking staring intensely at the door. came to closing time and Michael was about leave the diner when finally he something that caught his eye.

He saw a letter on the hip of the kings messenger John. John was tall and muscular and carried a sword. John went to the diner every day to take fifty percent of the profit they old man and wife made. and then john left the bar and well walking down the street he saw a attractive young girl he yelled at her.

'Hey come here now!'

The girl looked at john 'sorry sir I am in a hurry'

John got angry at the young girls reply 'I said get over here or I will have you arrested!'

So the young girl went over to john but John was upset at the women and started to beat her, a young boy called Logan who had bleach blond hair and sea blue eyes and was fairly young and attractive, went over and pushed John off her where he got pissed and started to hit Logan and then Michael who was following John sneaked up took the letter and hit Logan across the face.

'son what have I told you about getting in peoples business?" turns around towards John

"I will take care of my son sir"

john smiled "Good make sure this doesn't happen again or I will request his head" John walks away

Then Michael turned towards the Logan "thanks for the distraction" and walks away.

The End

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