Devin barely dared to breathe; one wrong move and he would end up ripped to pieces by the bullets that were undoubtedly made of silver. As he waited for the silver to pierce his flesh, a young woman with long black hair and - wings? - fell from the sky and pointed a finger at the gun.

It exploded, sending bits of metal flying. Devin did his best to avoid the larger pieces, but the smaller ones stung his arms and chest like angry hornets. While he struggled to regain his composure, Elleta and Felix took out the remainder of the guards while the winged girl danced about happily as if it were Christmas morning. 

"We need to get over the wall!" Elleta shouted through the commotion.

All four of the escapees headed toward the barbed wire-topped concrete wall. Elleta and Felix climbed nimbly over the wall with demonic grace. Devin attempted to climb the smooth wall, but couldn't find a grip on its surface. As he was about ready to give up, he remembered the strange girl with wings.

"Do you mind helping me get over that wall?" he called out as the girl continued to skip around.

She appeared to have not heard him and Devin resigned himself to being stuck in there forever, when he felt something grab him from behind.

The girl could barely carry his weight on her leathery wings and dropped him unceremoniously as soon as they made it over the top of the wall. 

Felix regarded him with slight amusement as Devin struggled to get back to his feet after his abrupt flight and subsequent drop from about fifteen feet. 

"Don't worry about Zephyr, she's half-demon and completely insane, but makes a very good travel companion," He said amiably, "and if you will please step this way, we can continue our escape. A car is waiting."

The End

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