Bullets rattled off cold stone as the trio reached the site of the commotion, as they saw someone dressed in a guards uniform sail past them. He landed in a crumpled heap on the ground gasping for air.

Standing about three feet from the jailer was a man in his early twenties. He was grinning wildly and shuffling a deck of cards in his hands. He beamed at the newcomers.

"Got me kit back! This idiot was using me tarot as playing cards!"

He walked over to them, still shuffling the deck in his hands, giving the guard a sharp kick in the ribs as he went.

"Don't play with what you don't understand ya piece o' shit!"

He drew the top card from the deck. It depicted a smiling cherub beneath a massive sun. The card levitated from his hand, floating in the air next to him.

Felix grinned grabbing the guard by the scruff of the neck then touched the card with his free hand. As he did so a ripple of flame shot down his arm, flooding like liquid over the barely conscious form on the ground. The scent of burning flesh filled the air for a moment as the body was incinerated,

"Ya might just get burned ..."

He pulled the floating card out of the air and shuffled it back into his deck looking up at Devin.

"Found re-inforcements did we?"

Elleta grimaced.

"Which is exactly what you where supposed to be doing. I thought we were going to avoid the guards? He could have killed you!"

Felix shrugged pointing over his shoulder."All I found was the guard's station. Looks like we were the only ones down here. The alarms must have startled him, he was trying to load his weapon when I got here. Lucky I got the drop on him before he realised what was going on. Fool must have been asleep or maybe he'd have been ready. My little friends where just sitting on his table, bold as brass."

The vampire looked down the corridor over Felix's shoulder. He was right. There was just a dead end and a desk. She shook her head.

"Well at least you're safe. Now we have to move, we're running out of time."

It was as if Elleta was fulfilling a phophesy. Beams of red light where scanning the area from which they had come and the sound of someone shouting orders echoed around the walls. She shot a look over her shoulder.

"Now what? We're trapped!"

Without a word Devin got down on all fours and tore off in the direction of the lasers. He was hoping that the speed of a fully changed werewolf wouldn't be any sort of a match for that of the resistance that was building against them. He was wrong. He ran headlong into a firing squard of six heavily armoured guards carrying laser sighted rifles. He hit them hard, taking the first two down with a shoulder barge before driving the pair behind them into the ground with his fists. He felt the sting of bullets hitting his midriff. Then he stopped.

Sitting between the last set of guards was a tripod mounted sentry gun. Three lasor sights sitting on its barrel where all trained perfectly on his chest.



The End

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