"Jess Has The Wolf Flu"Mature

I shoved my way through the room. "And she's here because?" I asked.

They guy stuttered. "She saw me taking him here and she tagged along."

I read the directions of how many pills to give him, while asking, "Dude, whats your name?"

"Kenny." He responded.

I took two pills out of the bottle and said, "Well Kenny, Perky can stay as long as she doesnt do or say anything stupid."

I walked to Jessie. "Jess, You feeling better."

"No." He muttered, as he shifted in my bed. "Worse."

I put a hand on his cheek. "You'll feel a bit better after you take these, ok?"

He sat up with one hand on his head. I handed the glass to him. "No! I wont let you give him anything. They are totally not-natural. I dont want anything that can harm him inside of him." Melissa said.

I shrugged. "Okay Perky. Your up. Try to make him better without giving him those pills."

She hesitated then walked to his side. "Go to sleep, and you'll wake up, and be all better!"

"That doesnt sound like something you would say." He said, quite loudly.

"Why not?!?" She squeaked angrily.

He groaned and rolled over. "Your not Caroline, go away Melissa."

I couldnt help but laugh and so did Kenny. "Jess, sit up. Im going to give you something that will hopefully make you better."

He did as he was told and took the pills. "Thank you Caroline. God knows what Melissa would have tried."

I laughed quietly once more. "Melissa, you may go. I think I got this under control."

She crossed her arms and stormed out.

I looked at Kenny. "Dont you have a Prince or Princess to gaurd?"

I heard him mutter a curse under his breathe and run out the door.

"Goodnight Jess. Sweet dreams." I whispered and walked to my dresser.

I heard him mutter, "Caroline?"


I heard the sheets rustle slightly. "Thank you."

I smiled to myself and pulled out my Pyjamas. I quickly took off my normal clothing, replacing it with the Pyjamas.

I crawled over beside him. I gave him a friendly hug and whispered, "G'nite again. Feel better soon."

I felt his fingers weakly grasp my hand. "No, dont go."

I giggled. "You have a girlfriend. You are not allowed to be hugging another girl."

He sighed lightly. "Can you hate the person you thought you loved... But then..." He stopped. I saw his grip on his head loosen.

"Go on." I whispered.

He rolled over. "Good night, And thank you."

"Welcome." I laid on the far edge of the bed.


In the morning, I woke to the alarm chiming loudly. I looked up and saw Jessies arm draped over me. "Jessie, how are you feeling?"

He rolled over and looked at me. "My head still hurts."

I changed quickly into a pair of clothes I had laid out the other day. "Im going to go to school. I want you to stay here. My cell number is on the fridge. Call me if you need anything." Before i could even turn, i saw his body run by me and into the bathroom.

I heard him cough and throw up. Oh how I hate people who are puking. I set my purse down and knelt beside him in the bathroom. I put a hand on his back. "Its Okay Jess. Your Okay." I rubbed his back.

He threw uponce more before wiping his mouth and putting his head on my shoulder. "I dont like being sick." I felt him shiver.

"Nobody does Jess, but your a strong guy. This will go by quickly for you, okay?" I told him, trying to sound reasurring.

He coughed slightly, but stayed where he was.

The End

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