"Jessie's not Feeling Well"Mature

After we had gotten out of the pool, I got dressed and so did Max. "Well i better be going." I said, as I pulled on my boots. Just as I was walking out of his room, I felt his fingers wrap around my wrist. I turned and he put his hands in my hair. I felt his warm breathe against my skin and he brought his lips to mine. For some reason, all i could think of was Jessie. I shouldnt be thinking of him now, but i am. After a few seconds, he pulled away.

Max smiled at me brightly. "Bye beautiful."

I smiled. "Bye." I started to head out the door, but then turned once more. "Where would Jessie be?"

He thought for a moment. "There's a door that has a 10 over it. He'll be in there with the rest of the Gaurds."

I nodded. "Thanks Max. See you later." I smiled and walked out the door.


I opened the door with the ten and walked in. The first thing i saw was everybody huddled together. I walked in and tried to peek over their shoulders, but they were all so tall. "Whats wrong?" I asked.

One of them turned. "Jessie."

My heart stopped in my chest. I pushed through the crowd and saw Jessie kneeled down grasping his head.

I knelt beside him. "Jessie, what's wrong?"

"M-My... H-Head." He shut his eyes tight.

I put my arms around him and held him close. "Jessie, Its okay. You'll be okay."

His face buried into my chest. "It hurts." He softly whimpered.

I held him tighter. "Jess, Can you get up? I need to get you to the nurse."

"No. Please... C-Caroline. I cant go." It sounded like a plead, more then a statement.

"He wont go." I heard a voice say from behind me.

I didnt want to ask this question, but I knew i had to. I hated doing this, since sometimes it made people uncomfortable. "Jess, What are you?"

I had to ask, because sometimes there were sicknesses we get. We still get normal sicknesses that humans would get, but sometimes not.

"No, I c-cant, tell, y-you." He stuttered out. He sounded like he was in so much pain. It killed me inside to see him like this.

"A W-" He stopped for a second. "Wolf."

I scanned my brain. "Theres... Lactobifia. Basically the Flu. But your not Nauseous."

“Are you mad?” He asked.

I put a hand in his hair. “No I am not mad. Now please, may I take you to the Nurses Office?”

“No.” He said quickly.

He let out a groan. I didn’t know if it was from anger or pain.

I took his arm and helped him to his feet. "Are you going to be ok? Can you walk?"

He nodded slightly then grasped his head once more. "Im fine." He spoke in a quiet tone.

I looked at one of the other gaurds. He was taller then Jessie with brown hair. "Can you take him to my dorm room? Its building three, room 153. Heres the key." I pulled a small silver key from my pocket and tossed it to him.

I walked out the door quickly and up the tall staircase. I immidiatley walked to the nurses office.


I knocked on the door labeled Mrs. Lilette. She opened it. "Hi. Step into my office." I walked in and there was a roomy space with a bed, computer desk etc...

"Hi. My friend isnt feeling to well, and I was wondering what I coulddo to help him. He has a headache. Like, a really bad one. Is there any medication i could give him?" I asked.

I prayed she wouldnt say she would have to see him. I dont know why he doesnt want to see her, but he must have a good reason. But what if its life threatning, and its my fault he doesnt live?

"Well, What creature is he?" She asked.

I thought back to what he had said. Wolf. I hadnt made much of it then, but i started to think more and more of it now. "He's a Wolf."

He searched through her drawers and shelfs. She pulled out a small white bottle. "Here. This should make it better. If its not healed in two days, bring him to see me."

I nodded. "Thank you."


I silently knocked on the door to my room. The guy that took Jessie back was there, and i saw a small red-head pop out from behind him.

"Oh God." I groaned.

The End

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