"Carrot-Top Invites Me For A Swim"Mature

I followed the large crowd into one of the dorms. Just as i thought we would go up, we went down. Down a large, spiral staircase.

I noticed the whole time, Carrot-Top still has his arm around me. I felt my cheeks go bright red.

"You face matches his hair right now." Jessie whispered in my ear.

I giggled. "Oh shut up."

Carrot-Top looked at me. "Me?"

I smiled and shook my head. "No him." I nodded to Jessie. "And whats your name?"

"Max. Max Jillinhall." His smile was contagious and soon spread to my face.

"Caroline Jillinhall.... Yea, I guess it sounds all right." Jessie said.

His cheeks turned pink. "Dont mind him. He likes to tease people." I said, smiling towards Carrot-Top. I mean Max.

The front of the group clicked the large door open. I walked through the door and a long pool extended before me. "This is... Cool." I said.

It kind of looked like a normal pool to me. Although the air seemed quite hot and filled with lots of moisture.

I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. I took it out and read the text. Hows your new school? Love Meli.

I giggled quietly. Meli was -and still is- my bestfriend. "What is it?" Max asked.

"Just my friend from my old school." I smiled at the text once more and replied with Its cool so far. Im in this wierd underground pool thing and there is bodygaurds, so on and so forth. I will text you in a bit. Love Celi

"Celi?" Jessie and Max asked at the same time.

I turned to them. "Your reading my texts because...?"

I waited for an answer but all I got was, "Why did you say Celi?" Jessie asked.

I sighed. "Her names not really Meli, either. We just have nicknames for eachother."

Jessie smiled. "Ok, Celi."

I put a finger on his chest. "Whatever you say, Jess Jess."

His face went serious. "Do not call me that."

"Then dont call me Celi." I smirked and looked to Max. He gave a puzzled look. "What?" I asked

"You two talk to eachother... Like your Friends." His eyebrows were raised high.

"Umm... Yea? Pri-" I stopped myself from saying the horrid word. "People like me can be friends with normal people."

He shrugged and pulled me along to a door. He took out a key and unlocked the door. When we walked in, there was a large bed -Which scared me-, A desk with a messy pile of papers and a dresser. "This, is my second Dorm room."

I looked at the desk. "What with the paprers?" I studied them carefully. "You are a really good artist." I said, flipping through the pages of art.

He gently rested his chin on my shoulder. "They're just sketches."

"Just sketches? These are amazing. Far from what i can ever do." I turned and looked at him.

"Can i give you a small hint?" He asked. I nodded. "Stay away from Bri and Jake."

"Which is Barbie and the other Demon person?" I asked.

I heard him laugh. "Dont ever say that to Bri's face."

"Say what to my face?" I looked over his shoulder to see Barbie -Bri- standing in the door way.

"How... Pretty... You are." Max fumbled with the words in his mouth, then mouthed out No to me.

I giggled under my breathe. Max seemed to be a nice guy. I didnt quite know if he would ever be more than my friend. He seemed like the bestfriend type. But who knows? This world is so messed up.

"Caroline, I just wanted you to come pick out a bathing suit." She smiled. I looked down at her to see her wearing a tight 2 piece bathing suit.

I shook my head. "Im not much of a swimmer."

I heard a sigh escape her thin lips. She walked in, grabbed my wrist and dragged me out the door. 


Her room was pink -What a shocker!- She dug through a drawer and tossed a purple bikini top and matching bottoms.


I walked out of her room with my arms crossed over my chest, hoping it would cover just a bit of skin, since this bikini only covered fragments of my body.

"Hey." I felt arms circle my waist. I looked up and saw Max's smiling face looking into mine.

It wasnt who I was hoping it would be, but I was still happy. I looked down and he has a pair of... What were they called? Surfer shorts? I had never known the name of them. But yea, surfer shorts i guess.

He pulled me to the edge of the pool. "Jump. I dare you." He whispered into my ear.

I shook my head. "You."

Max shrugged and jumped into the pool. When his head was above the water,  said "Now you." He smiled brightly.

I sat on the edge, and let my legs loosely dangle in the pool.

The End

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