"Meeting Everybody"Mature

It was 7:15 when I finally showed up to the spot they were all at. There were alot of them. And i mean Alot. Everybody had their Bodygaurd with them, which doubled the crowd. The perky blonde stepped out of the crowd. "Caroline! Were so glad you came!" She smiled brightly. "I want you to meet Jake. He's the son of the second ruling demon family."

You see, for each creature, there are two ruling familys. So his family and my family are each the ruling familys.

A tall -Very tall shall i say- guy with curly blonde hair and blue eyes stepped forward. "Hey."

"Oh great, I came to the official royal dating service." I said in barely a whisper to Jessie.

He laughed.

A guy a few inches taller than me with orange hair and blue eyes stepped forward and put an arm around my waist. I tried to push it off but he held onto me tight. "Hey beautiful."

"Hi Stranger?" I said confusingly.

His hair was really orange. I mean, mine is Auburn so a mix between orange and dark brown, but his is bright. Like a carrot top. He was cute though. Skinny, but cute.

I followed everyone obediently.

The End

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