"Practice Attacks Are Not My Favourite Thing"Mature

 "I dont get it..." I said to Jessie. "Its not like i cant fight. My dad got somebody to teach me when i was young. I just dont like to, because im not a Violent person."

I felt a tap on my shoulder and i turned to see a perky blonde looking at me. "Hi! Im Princess Marie! Im an Angel."

"Umm... Hi. Im Caroline." I smiled faintly and looked at this tall Barbie doll.

She cocked her head to the side. "Your not a Princess?"

"I wish." I murmured.

"So you are?" She asked.

I sighed. "Yup. Im one of those."

She looked at Jessie. "I was going to have Him as my gaurd." She said Him like it was the most disgusting thing in the world.

"Trust me, i remember." Jessie growled. "How could i forget an Obnoxious, bratty b-"

I put a hand on his chest. "Jessie, Chill. Dont fall into her trap. She just wants to get you in trouble."

The Barbie Doll smiled. "She's smart. Anyways Caronline, I just wanted to let you know about this secret group with all of the Princesses. Are you in? The meeting is at Seven tonight."

I sighed. "I refuse to join a stupid group where all you do is Oh my god, look how pretty i am." I imitated her high pitch voice.

I heard Jessie chuckle.

"Not a peep from you, Carter." She scowled at Jessie.

Jessies last name is Carter? Caroline Carter... Stop thinking like that! I shouldnt think like that. "Sure, I'll come."

She smiled. "Great. Meet here at seven." She turned and walked away swiftly.

When i turned to Jessie, I saw a short, skinny red head curled in Jessies arms. He looked up to me, and said, "This is Melissa, my girlfriend."

"Yup. I kind of figured that one out myself." I said quietly.

"Aww Baby! I wont see you anymore!" She put her head into his chest.

"No please, if your not already what i am, take my spot, i beg of you." I asked.

She laughed. "What, you dont like spending time with my Jess Jess?"

I felt a sharp tip on my throat and a hand cover my mouth. I let out a muffled scream.
Jessie's arm wrapped around my waist and pulled me behind him. I clung to his shirt. "Caroline you have to let go of my shirt." He whispered.

I shook my head. "No."

"Caroline, i cant do anything with you holding onto me. You wont get hurt. Its just a practice."

"No." I whispered.

He turned to me. "Caroline, do what i say. Please." He begged.

I slowly let go of his shirt and before i could even blink, he had the teacher pinned to the ground with a different knife to her throat. "Ok, good job Jessie. You may get up now." She said.

He stayed where he was for ten seconds, then released her. When he stood he looked at me, then looked at Melissa. She scowled at him. "Dont put your arm around her!"

"Melissa, it was to move her out of the way." He looked apologetic.

"I dont care! I demand you get another Princess to gaurd or dont gaurd one at all!" She squeaked obnoxiously.

"Caroline has brought more laughter and happiness into my life in the hour i have known her, then you have in the full year i've been with you." He snapped.

My eyes went wide and so did Melissa's. "You dont mean that, do you?" She asked.

"I completley stand by my answer." Jessie growled.

"Fine!" She turned and stormed away.

The End

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