Mythical PrincessMature

Caroline Mason is the daughter of the King and Queen. The King and Queen of all Demons, to be exact.
Caroline has just moved to a new boarding school. This Boarding school is not normal though. It is a boarding school for Mythical Creatures.
Soon Caroline has Joined a secret group, but her Bodygaurd says it will only lead Caroline trouble.
Will she take his word, or stay with the group?

Chapter 1- "Choose your Protector"

I silently waited for the bell to ring. I tried tapping my Pencil, Doodling, Even listening to music, but nothing was making the time pass. "Caroline, Do you know the answer to this question?"

I looked up at the sound of Mr. Connor's voice. I studied the chalk-board and racked my brain for the answer. The question read What was the 27th President of the United States? I was never good at history, but i knew alot about the Presidents. "Umm... William Howard..." I thought hard for the last name. "Taft?"

"Thats is correct." He smiled.

I went back to distracting myself with Drawing a picture. It was a rather tall Guy with short-spiked hair. He wore a Black, V-Neck t-shirt along with Dark blue skinny jeans. The only colorful thing on this dark person, was the Jade Green eyes. Even though it was a drawing, i couldnt get over the fact of how they pierced into me, like a knife stabbing through my chest.

My thoughts were distracted by the loud echo of the bell. I hurriedly gathered my belongings and walked to the door. "Caroline..." I tunred just as I had a foot out the door. Mr. Connor waved me back into the class room. I slowly dragged my feet to his desk.

"Yes, Mr. Connor?" I asked polietly.

"You are needed in the Gymnasium." He smiled, once again.

I nodded and started heading my way to the Gymnasium. What could this be about? Am I in trouble? I dont remember doing anything wrong. I sighed and tried to put on a happy-face. After all, thats what everyone Expects from a Princess.


As I walked into the gym, I recognized two faces. One was the wrinkled face of the Principal, Mrs. Carson. The other face, was the familiar face from my drawing. I silently gasped at the familiar features. Had I ever seen him before? I just drew the guy because thats what i thought of.

"There are ten boys here. and you must select one." The principal extended her arms around to the line of Guys.

"For what?" I asked, slightly confused.

I heard a small chuckle from her. "Pick one to be your Bodygaurd. These Boys have been training most of their lives to protect a Royal."

"They're not objects. Somebody cant just go Oh! That ones the cutest, i want that one!" I realized my voice was a bit to snarky to say to a principal. But it disgusted me, to think people would just walk into a room and choose a Bodygaurd like they were just a new purse or item of interest.

She gave a dissapointed look. "Fine, I will choose for you." She scanned the large group of Guys. "Jessie."

The tall Guy with piercing green eyes stepped forward. I shook my heard. "No. Not him."

"Well look who's picking now. Why is it, you dont want Jessie to be your Bodygaurd?" She asked. I could tell she was enjoying this.

I shrugged. "Awkward story."

His face wore a look filled with confusion. "Princess, I dont think I have ever met you."

I reached into my sweater pocket and pulled out the drawing. "That's what I thought to, but i guess some how i know you from somewhere."

I held up the folded piece of paper. Mrs. Carson grabbed it from my hand and unfolded it. I heard a small gasp escape her mouth. "You two do know eachother, but thats never a bad thing. It just means he will be more protective of you."

"Whatever. Just pick a Damn person to Babysit a Seventeen year old and let me get on with my confined life." I snapped.

Mrs. Carson sighed. "Jessie, just go with her. Try to keep her out of trouble. You two should be expecting your first practice attack soon."

Jessie nodded and walked over to stand by my side. Just as i was walking out the door, i turned and grabbed the picture i drew of Jessie back. "That, is mine."


I took a pair of jean shorts from my drawer along with a V-Neck purple t-shirt. "Privacy Please." I asked Jessie without turning.

I turned around and he covered his eyes with one hand. I couldnt help but laugh for some reason. "Thats the first time i've heard you laugh." He said quietly.

I giggled. "And thats the first time i've heard you talk."

I pulled my pink tank-top up over my head and slid my skirt off me. As i was putting my shirt on, i deeply breathed in the smell of the detergent. It smelt of my old home. The only smell i have left of it. I sighed and put the rest of my clothing on.

"I dont ever remember seeing you. I think i would remember you since you are one of the-" He stopped talking

"One of the?" I asked. He said nothing. "One of the what? Only wierd, annoying, awkward people you've ever met?"

He put a finger up. "That is not... What I was going to say."

I pulled on a pair of brown boots. "But i know you were thinking it."

He sighed and followed me out the door.

The End

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