Chapter 27

Being Head Boy, though it was time consuming and meant taking on responsibility, was also fulfilling and rewarding. Kamilla felt the same way about being Head Girl. Sometimes if we wanted a break either from study or from our duties, I would freeze time and we would go off somewhere on our own like Harriet and Arthur had done in The Hypnotist and The Conquest. If we had too much on our plates we would delegate tasks to the other prefects and our deputies stepped in when we had our Drama practical. It was lucky that we had such a supportive prefect team.

Early on in the year, Selby much to his delight became a school council representative. Both Kamilla and I were happy for him. As Selby was studying Maths and Further Maths, he was happy to help me if I found the statistics work in Psychology difficult. I often considered how lucky I was to have a loving girlfriend, a best mate who was always there for me, A levels I  loved and the chance to do something that made a difference to my school. Kamilla organized the Year 11 Dinner Dance as usual in December. I helped the staff to organize the Year 7 Yenworthy trip.

In March we had to think about our career prospects and apply to university. I made a careers appointment after school on a Monday and met with the careers adviser Mrs Lushington. I wanted to do a joint honours in English and Drama before taking a PGCE in English and teaching at secondary school. I eventually managed to apply for six universities with Oxford Brookes as my first choice. Kamilla also wanted to study for a joint honours in English and Drama but listed Queen Mary, University of London as her first choice. I was shaken at the prospect of us going to different universities but as Kamilla said we were still a couple, and we still lived near each other.

Like Arthur Mesmerising in The Conquest, I was nevertheless preoccupied with the fear that I might lose her. Despite my unshakeable belief that if you truly love someone, you place their needs ahead of your own, when faced with the possibility of distance between us, my possessive instinct involuntarily rose to the surface. I tried desperately to think of a solution to the problem. Then I remembered how in Foxtail and Eagle, Rosa's boyfriend Jack had temporarily forged a mental link between them that was unaffected by physical distance. I suggested the idea to Kamilla who immediately agreed. Gazing deep into her eyes, I telepathically forged the bond.

Selby of course was planning to study Buisiness Studies at university and had listed Lancaster Univversity as his first choice as  he was quite confident he would recieve AAB in his A levels. He had originally wanted to go to Oxford or Cambridge but neither university offered Buisiness Studies much to his disappointment. I assisted the staff in arranging the Year 13 Leavers Dinner at the end of the year, an event which we all enjoyed. Determined to make a success of my life, when I went on study leave for my final A levels I devoted most of my time to study. Like Harry Potter my head was constantly buzzing with Literature, Theatre, Geographical facts and figures, and everything relevant to our Psychology specification.

When mid August finally came round, it was a  huge relief to find I had secured 4 B's. Selby and Kamilla had secured 3 A's each. I was accepted at Oxford Brookes, Kamilla at Queen Mary's and Selby at Lancaster University. On August 29th we were all hanging out together at Kamilla's place. It was evening, and I suddenly drew Kamilla outside. Dropping down to one knee I opened a small black box containing an engagement ring.

"Will you marry me?" I asked.

"Yes" replied Kamilla. "with al my heart."

I rose up and slipped the ring on her finger. I drew her into my arms and we kissed, as Selby watched with a smile on his face.

The End

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