Chapter 26

During the Easter holidays and the study leave that followed I concentrated on revising for my AS exams. As I revised Coasts, Natural Hazards, Glaciation and so on, in my mind's eye I could imagine them. For Psychology, putting myself in the shoes of a person who was experiencing whatever I was revising helped me to find the interest in it. As part of the Memory module, we had watched a film called Memento in class. I enjoyed the film so much I ordered the DVD online. For English Literature, I revised The Miller's Tale, and William Blake's Songs of Innocence and Experience. My Hamlet coursework had returned in March with a B. Kamilla had scored A but then Kamilla was truly gifted.


During the Summer, Kamilla and I rejoined Twister's Theatre and this time staged Guys and Dolls. We also borrowed the DVDs of Tianna Entrancing's Devastatingly Magnificent and Foxtail and Eagle from the local library and, along with Selby, watched them. Selby and I had been right about the same actor performing Rick in Devastatingly Magnificent and Eric in The Conquest. The DVDs were still enjoyable even if they were not as powerful as The Hypnotist or The Conquest. On August 21st I recieved my AS results;

English Literature - B

Theatre Studies - B

Geography - B

Psychology - B

I was deeply relieved. Kamilla had recieved A's in English Literature, Theatre Studies and Geography and B in Government and Politics. Selby had recieved A's for Buisiness Studies, Maths and Further Maths and B for IT. Selby and Kamilla had decided to drop IT and Government and Politics respectively while continuing the other three into the second year. I enjoyed all four so much I had opted to continue all four, despite Kamilla and myself being promoted to Head Boy and Head Girl respectively.


When September arrived I felt more like Henry Mesmerising from The Hypnotist trilogy than ever. Because I was naturally relaxed and confident and treated everyone equally, people seemed to look up to me and desire to emulate me. I didn't allow this to go to my head though - far from it. I used telepathy to respond to people in the way they wanted, and occasionally used telekenesis to help younger students if they dropped items. I also used empathic manipulation to calm people who were stressed - students and staff alike. Sometimes I even used my powers to enable me to feel more confident because I was not like my girlfriend - it was knowing I had supernatural powers that made me confident. Without this I would be more vurnerable.  

The End

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