Chapter 25

When we returned to Ravenswan on the 31st, Selby signed up for Young Enterprise. With my prefect duties I couldn't afford to do anything else, but I wished my mate luck. In Theatre Studies we went to see Blood Brothers at the local playhouse and I wrote an essay on it. In Psychology we moved on from Memory and Eyewitness Testimony to Abnormality and Eating Disorders, looking at approaches like the cognitive approach and biological approach.


In Ravenswan, rather than each prefect being delegated to a particular area like the extra curricular prefect or the sixth form prefect, duties were shared out equally so that you got a chance to do a variety of things. We all attended the weekly meetings which were chaired by the senior prefects. At first Kamilla and I merely did lunch queue duty and bus stop duty but over time, we started becoming involved in other schemes as well. In November, I showed  visitors round the school while Kamilla assisted two other prefects in the organization of the Year 11 Dinner Dance. I enjoyed the challenge of this and it elevated my self esteem to be a person who was valued, looked up to and respected.


By Christmas, I had finished Tianna Entrancing's Foxtail and Eagle and returned it to the school library. It had been a fantastic read. In January, Kamilla, myself and others in our Drama group performed our devised piece in front of the examiner. This time, the practitioner we had studied was Artaud and so the piece was very symbolic with the use of masks. In February, I assisted Miss Monk in the running of the school Open Day and then the GCSE and Sixth Form options evenings respectively. In March, Kamilla and I were forced to delegate our prefect duties to the other prefects while we went on our Geography Residential Field Trip to North Wales.

It was an interesting experience, living in the hostel with my friends, studying glaciated environments and upland rivers. One of my friends almost slipped off the rock we were standing on at one point, but I swiftly used telekenesis to pull the guy back onto the rock. I took a number of photographs to show Selby and my family when we returned. On our arrival back, I found myself valuing the comfort and security of school and home more than I had done before. Although the sun had come out, the weather during the field trip had been chilly though by a miracle we managed to avoid the rain.

Selby's involvement in Young Enterprise finished by Easter and, acording to him it had been successful. I was surprised but flattered when my girlfriend nominated me to give out the awards at the final assembly before Easter.  I handed out the certificates of merit, the Duke of Edinburgh Awards, the Arts Festival Committee involvement certificates (which I vividly remembered recieving myself in Year 10) and so on. While my mum admitted she hated handing out awards and had managed to get out of it when she was asked to at school, I had a bit more grit and found it quite an enjoyable and emotionally fulfilling experience.

The End

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