Chapter 23

Kamilla and I were introduced to our fellow prefects and the Head Boy and Head Girl during our joint free period. The environment was friendly and welcoming, and we felt truly privileged to be in this position. I volunteered to do the dinner queue duty with Karen White on the lunchtime of the first day. It was a new experience which I took as a challenge. I couldn't resist cheating a little by using my empathic manipulation ability to alter the mood of those queuing up so that there was less stress and fewer fights broke out.


I had to admit that my A level studies, though more demanding and challenging than my GCSE ones, were also more invigorating. I was delighted when I heard in English Literature that we were to study Hamlet at AS and Othello at A2 since those were my favourite Shakespeare plays. In Geography, we were told about our residential field trip to North Wales, before we started work on ecosystems. In Theatre Studies we started studying a play that was new to me; Yerma. In Psychology, we began work on memory. As usual, I naturally approached all my subjects with energy and enthusiasm, a will to succeed.


I deeply enjoyed my role as prefect. It actually made me feel a bit like Henry Mesmerising, though unlike Henry I was not uncomfortable with my popularity. I valued it and took it in my stride, yet did not allow it to go to my head. Occasionally if I had a query and a teacher was occupied, I would fix my eyes on the back of the teacher's head and use telepathy to make my query. Once I had the answer to my query I would make the teacher forget the  way I had asked my question. I would use empathic manipulation to calm the teacher before making the query.

One break when I was off duty, I asked Selby how he was enjoying his new A levels. It seemed that he like me was finding them interesting. Kamilla too was rather enjoying Government and Politics. Realising that as the year went on, more work would be piled on us, I went straight to the library a week after my return and browsed the shelves for Tianna Entrancing's Foxtail and Eagle. I found it at last. This time, the front cover showed the picture of a girl and two guys. The girl was in the middle and there was a guy either side of her. It reminded me of the front cover of the Twilight DVD.

The End

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