Chapter 22

Kamilla and I rejoined Twister's Youth Theatre where we met some new members and the old members were delighted to see us again. This time, the play being staged was an outdoor production of Much Ado About Nothing which was to be performed at 2pm on Saturday August 24th. I was cast in the role of Bennedict and Kamilla in the role of Beatrice.


One day, Kamilla and I were strolling through town when I decided to show Kamilla my social cloaking ability. I told her, so that she wouldn't be startled by my acting spontaneously and on impulse. I took Kamilla's hand and led her through a pair of grand gates near us and into a building. We went in at the entrance and, as we walked along the corridor, we saw an open door. There were tables containing plates of food, white plastic cups, bottles and cartons of fruit juice and all kinds of things. I took out my black wallet and stepped in confidently.

"Excuse me," I said to a plump woman in her early fifties. "How much is that?" I pointed to a plate of vegetable spring rolls.

"Oh nothing at all, it's all free" the woman replied. "Just take a plate and help yourself."

"Thanks." I smiled. Tucking away my wallet, I led an amazed Kamilla in by the hand and gave her a plate which she automatically took. I took one myself and helped myself to some vegetable spring rolls and salad. Kamilla helped herself to some food as well, looking at me in wonder.

I took my girlfriend over to one side.

"Social cloaking" I explained, "is a power whereby someone can instantly blend into a society or group by subconsiously nullifying the minds of the people present. You can just blend into any situation."

"Oh wow" Kamilla looked awed. "Some people could misuse that though" she added, looking troubled.

"Yeah I expect so" I replied absently. "I wouldn't though."

"I know" Kamilla replied.

After a drink of orange juice, we threw away our white plastic cups and plates and then departed the way we came.


On August 18th a white envelope came to me from Ravenswan. I fingered it nervously and called my family into the room. My mum and dad gave me an encouraging nod and Letitia squeezed my shoulder. I slit it open and something red fell out onto the floor. We paid no attention to that at first. We were all too busy anticipating my GCSE results. The envelope contained a letter and a paper with my results on. I took out the paper first and looked down it.

English Language A

English Literature A

Drama B

Geography B

History B

Design and Technology Graphics C

Maths C

Biology C

Chemistry C

Physics C

I heaved a sigh of relief and handed the paper to my sister. My mum and sister each gave me a hug that nearly squashed me flat. My dad clapped me on the back. It was then that my sister saw the red object on the floor. She bent and picked it up.

"Oh my" she gasped. "Mark, read the letter quick."

Surprised, I put my results back in the envelope and took out the letter. I read it and stared at it in awe. I handed it over to mum and dad whose eyes nearly fell out of their heads.

"Wow" I said. I picked up the red prefect badge and pinned it on myself. "I must tell Kamilla, and Selby."


I raced to my girlfriend's house. She opened the door and threw her arms round me.

"Oh Mark darling, I'm so happy. Guess what." She held up a red prefect badge.

I was amazed. "You too?"

She looked stunned. "You as well. Oh well done."

Kamilla pulled me into the sitting room. Pushing me down on the sofa, she thrust her own results into my hand. I looked down them. Kamilla had got A's in English Language, English Literature, Maths, Geography and Drama and B's in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, French and Textiles.

"Congratulations" I breathed, giving her a hug and looking at her in awe.

We hugged each other and kissed passionately on the sofa for five minutes. Then we decided to see Selby. Selby had not got a prefect's badge but he was happy for both of us. He had got B's in English Language, English Literature, History, Biology, Chemistry and Physics and A's in Maths, Community Craft, IT and Buisiness Studies. I gave my mate a high five.

The following day, everyone had to go to Ravenswan to finally enrol on their chosen A levels if their grades were up to scratch. Kamilla and I were immediately cleared to do English Literature, Theatre Studies and Geography. Government and Politics was fine for Kamila too. I was luckily accepted onto the Psychology course as I had got a C in Maths. I heaved a sigh of relief. Selby was also cleared to study Buisiness Studies, Maths, Further Maths and IT.

The End

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