Chapter 21

I read a chapter of Devastatingly Magnificent each night before going to sleep and filled Kamilla in on what happened the following day either by phone or in person. Although The Hypnotist series was my real favourite, I enjoyed this one as well. I could actually see the parallels between The Hypnotist and Devastatingly Magnificent, though as Kamilla said this was natural because they had both been written by the same author.

I was glad to find I had recieved a C in the Decision Making exam in Geography. In early March we all had to attend sixth form options evening to decide what subjects we were interested in studying at A level. Selby had already admitted to me one break that as he wanted to go into buisiness he was definitely thinking of taking Buisiness Studies and possibly Maths, Further Maths and IT as well. I had a vague idea of teaching English while doing acting and writing in my free time as hobbies. Although attracted to counselling too, I  reckoned that would have to wait a long time as counselling courses were so expensive. Kamilla was vaguely thinking of going into journalism.

Both Kamilla and I liked the look of the Geography A level. I was especially passionate about natural geography. English Literature was a definite must for both of us. We also longed to continue Drama, provided we had done well in the GCSE. We had a glance at the new subjects offered as well. Kamilla liked the look of Government and Politics while I was atttracted to Psychology. We took away a number of leaflets and stuff from the open evening and determined to do ourselves justice in our final GCSE exams.

 The mentoring program ended just before we were all due to go on study leave. The Year 7 girls I had mentored were very disappointed. I was flattered by their obvious crushes on me but acted normal. I suspended both Devastatingly Magnificent and hanging out with my friends until after my GCSE exams were over. At last on June 30th I was finallly able to relax. Year 11s did not return to school after their exams ended, so we were able to start our summer early.

The first few weeks, I was determined to relax. As I had been forced to return Devastatingly Magnificent to the school library without finishing it, I borrowed it again from the local library and read a chapter to Kamilla each day until it finished. I also spent much time with my family. Sometimes the four of us went for a drive. My dad usually bought two bars of Wispa Mint chocolate from the petrol station and broke them in half so that we could all have some in the car.

We had a picnic once in the very same park I visited with Kamilla. One time, my mum, my sister and myself had to wait for a taxi in the pouring rain after going into the town to buy clothing but we were generally good humoured about these things and made a joke out of it.

The End

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