Chapter 20

The Christmas holidays passed uneventfully. The time before and after the actual Christmas period I spent revising for my Geography Decision Making Exam. On Christmas Day I got two Alfred Hitchcock films from my mum; Dial M for Murder and Strangers on a Train. My dad had bought me two pairs of trousers, and I was amazed to find that my sister had bought me both The Hypnotist and The Conquest (the books).

"I love you sis" I admitted, giving her a hug.

The four of us played a game of Scrabble that day, which my mum won.


On January 5th, we returned to school as usual. After getting my form tutor's permission, I arranged with the woman running the mentoring program to change my shifts, devoting both tutorial periods to mentoring and cancelling the after school slots. This was a temporary measure until after the Drama practical was over. I was happy with the way the Gerography Decision Making Exam had gone, and even the Drama practical in February went well. This time we had to perform an extract from a scripted play. Each group was given a different one and the group me and Kamilla were in were lucky enough to get An Inspector Calls.

This was one of my favourite plays, and I had studied it in English last year. I was acting Gerald. Overall, it was an enjoyable experience, more so than the devised piece we did last year or performing in Hayfever in the summer. The mock exam results returned and I was amazed to find I had been moved up to higher tier in English, Drama, Geography and History. In everything else I was kept at foundation. Kamilla was moved up to higher tier in Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Physics as well as Geography, English and Drama. I was very proud of my girlfriend and delighted for her but I knew she was one of those exceptional students, like Hermionie Granger in Harry Potter.

Selby too had been moved up to higher tier; in Maths, Buisiness Studies and IT.


Once late February arrived and things were slightly less hectic (though I knew this wouldn't last as we had our finals this summer) I went to the school library and browsed among the shelves. I picked up a copy of Tianna Entrancing's Devastatingly Magnificent. The title was written in the usual italic lattering. Below it was a picture of a girl sitting on a swing. Perched on the arm of the swing next to her was a boy. The scene was bathed in moonlight. Below the picture, once more in embossed white capitals was the author's name; Tianna Entrancing. I took it at once to the desk, got out my library card and borrowed it.

The End

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