Chapter 18

On December 18th, I rang up my girlfriend to wish her a Happy Birthday and ask if she had recieved my card. With the card, I had also enclosed a gift voucher for her favourite clothes shop. Kamilla asked me if I was still coming to the cinema tonight and I admitted I wouldn't miss it for the world. Tianna Entrancing's The Hypnotist had finally been released to the cinema and we couldn't wait to see it. I arrived at Kamilla's house in the evening, clutching a huge bunch of red roses. Kamilla put them in water straight away before giving me a hug that nearly squashed me flat.


At the cinema we bought a copy of the film guide and looked down it. Though Selby had come, he was sitting with Jack and Emma so as to give us some privacy. The cast list read;

Harriet Thyme.....Ada Deep

Arthur Mesmerising....Sam Siegall

Henry Mesmerising....Carl Fireade

Andrew Mesmerising...Ian Benn

Elizabeth....Kylie Hour

Matthew Mesmerising...Sian Toon

Zara..... Zem Grenitzl

Ryan Mesmerising....Raoul Lyre

Sophia....Ella Kane

Michael...Alf Kendal

Anna....Gemma Deerstedt

Shaun....Sam Pejes

Simon...Ollie Pejes

Jack...Arno Magel

Sara....Helen Carr

Beth...Terri Mason

Mrs Thyme...Sara Ray

Once the advertisements were over, as usual the cinema showed two trailers. The first trailer commenced like this;

We see a young schoolgirl asleep in bed with her hair all over the pillow when a voice breaks through and she opens her eyes.

(Male voice singing): "Come come delightful one, leave your cares behind have fun..."

We see the girl walk over to the window and look down on a seventeen year old guy with medium brown hair.

The scene changes.

We see the girl and the guy kissing

(Narrative voice) But how do you deal with a boyfriend who is a vampire and, moreover one that forgets his identity during the day?

(The girl): "Hey, Charlie isn't it? I'm Terri".

The scene changes

(Girl on phone) "Well I was reflecting upon today and my guilt at lying to Charlie..."

(A man) "Ah the amount of times I've lied to Rosie. You see why we must of course".

The scene changes

Terri: "I love it. I love you"

The guy: "And not Charlie so much".

The scene changes

(Narrative voice) And what do you do if your boyfriend's cousin tries to flirt with you?

Charlie: Rick, this is my girlfriend, Terri

We see Rick's eyes lock onto Terri's and hear him think "well hello there".

(Narrative voice) Tianna Entrancing's Devastatingly Magnificent out soon on cinema.

The second trailer commenced this way;

(Narrative voice) Rosa Foxtail had everything. Good grades. A devoted boyfriend. Loving parents. But one day her life changed forever.

We see a girl and a boy accidentally brush hands. The girl hears the boy think "what is this?"

The scene changes

(Narrative voice) Everything changed when her boyfriend's best friend told her...

(The guy) "witches are real"

The scene changes

(The guy) "The kingfisher and the rose dove are destined to be lovers".

The scene changes)

We see a boy lying in bed and a girl and another boy standing near the bed.

(The girl) "He's like this because I let down his wall?"

The boy beside her nods.

(The girl) "What have I done?"

(Narrative voice) Tianna Entrancing's Foxtail and Eagle coming soon to cinema.

The second trailer finished. Both looked absolutely fantastic. The Hypnotist had been age classified 12 or over. We sat back eagerly and watched as The Hypnotist finally began.

The End

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