Chapter 16

The first day of Year 11 began with the usual pattern of assembly, form time, the distribution of timetables, and of course break. After break, Kamilla went to Textiles while I went to History. We were given our new textbooks for Weimar and Nazi Germany. I missed Medicine Through Time but I knew I would have to keep up my revision on that because the final GCSE would cover both Medicine Through Time and Nazi Germany. History was followed by Graphics, where Mr Toon told us about the importance of the practical project we had in Year 11 and how we had to decide early what we wanted to do.

I had lunch with Selby and Kamilla and then we went to check the common room noticeboard as usual. In Year 11 there was an opportunity to sign up to be a student mentor. You recieved training and you were in the role for a year, so you had to apply early. It meant of course that you couldn't do any other extra curricular activity if you were on it but that didn't matter. Kamilla and I filled out the application forms and handed them in but Selby wasn't interested in being a mentor. He decided instead to sign up for Energizer like I had done last year which also meant he could hang out with Jack.

After lunch, Kamilla and I went to Geography where we were briefly told about the Decision Making exam that was coming up in January. We then started work on Settlement. My first day of Year 11 ended with a Maths lesson where I was forced to ask for Selby and Kamila's help with the algebra. Oh well, I thought. We all have our Achilles' heel.


A week after our applications, Kamilla and I were both interviewed by our Head of Year and, to our joy we both secured our places as student mentors. This meant of course sacrificing one hour after school each day and one of our two tutorial periods but we didn't mind. The weeks leading up to October half term were busy  but it meant that Selby, Kamilla and myself had much to discuss at break and lunch. We did not of course say anything about the mentoring scheme other than the fact that we were deeply enjoying it, for obvious confidentiality reasons. I never used my powers during the mentoring sessions because I did not want to encourage dependency.

On occasion I would use them sparingly in school but outside the mentoring sessions, if I felt anyone would benefit from it. However, I usually used my powers outside of school, and with my beautiful girlfriend. A few weeks after my return to school, I decided on my Graphics project this year - the designing and making of greeting cards. I got Mr Toon's blessing for the project and set to work with draft sketches. This particular year was going to be tremendously busy from what I had heard. On December 12th was the Year 11 Dinner Dance. We had our Year 11 mock exams in late November which meant October half term had to be committed to revising and neither Kamilla nor I could even think about borrowing either Devastatingly Magnificent or Foxtail and Eagle for a while.

The End

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