Chapter 14

Twister's Youth Theatre catered for everyone aged between 9 and 19 and Kamilla and myself both filled out a form to join them. After a few days we were both accepted. We went along on a Monday to be shown round and introduced to the staff and other members. Everyone was very welcoming. Mr Brown, who ran everything there was very understanding about us only joining for the summer.  We went there every evening between six and nine (excluding the weekends).

After a short half hour of general introductions, we started doing workshops to polish up our acting skills in preparation for the play we were going to stage on August 21st. It was very intensive but at the same time deeply fulfilling. By a strange coincidence, Kamilla ended up being cast in the role of Judith Bliss while I was given the part of David Bliss. This suited us perfectly, because although we were both acting out people who were different from us, we were dating in real life, and this helped.

 Selby accepted that we were both busy and spent a lot of his time with Mel and Jack. He seemed to have more in common with them than me or Kamilla did, so this worked out well. Still, the three of us  hung out together as usual on a Sunday. Kamilla moved her reading right down to weekends because of our Drama club but she didn't mind. As she said, you can enjoy your relaxation time better when you have worked out.

Sometimes when we wanted a break from rehearsing I would freeze time and we would take a long stroll in our local park. The two of us would also lie flat on our backs on the grass, gazing at each other like Edward Cullen and Bella Swann in Twilight. Occasionally, Kamilla told me she made me feel like Harriet from The Hypnotist Series and I would reply that I felt like a cross between Henry and Arthur.

One afternoon, I brought along a cassette player and played her a Hindi love song . It was sung by a very famous female singer. I had translated the words into English and written them down for her but the English translation read more like a poem than a song. In fact I wasn't sure myself whether she was singing a poem or a song.

I'll consider it a favour,

If you will let me,

Tell you how I feel.

I'm in love with you,

Let me remain,

In the shelters of your love.

I'll consider it a favour,

If you will let me,

Tell you how I feel.

I'm in love with you,

Give me the shelter of our love,

It'll be a favour to me.

Make me if you will,

Or destroy me.

Even in death,

I'll wish you well.

Every fleck of dust,

From my remains will say,

This heartburn in love,

Let me bear,

For I am in love with you,

Give me the shelter of our love.

A favour it will be to me,

Let me tell you,

What's in my heart,

I'm in love with you,

Let me remain,

 In the shelters of your love,

A favour it will be to me.

Kamilla loved the song and I admitted it was one of my favourites. I took her in my arms and tenderly kissed her on the lips.

The End

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