Chapter 11

On our return to school, Kamilla, Selby and myself signed up for swimming club as we wanted to take part in the Swimming Gala on Sports Day. Sports Day at Ravenswan was quite unusual compared to how it was at other schools. Instead of the lower years being divided into four houses that did competitive sports to win trophies and prizes, it was open to all years including even the sixth form and organized more like an enrichment day.

It was also optional rather than compulsory. You had to decide a few months beforehand what sport or sports you wanted to do and then join a club to practise before taking part on the day. You could choose up to two sports, and any you liked provided it fitted the grid. When our form tutor handed us all a copy of this year's grid, we found that the swimming gala, tennis, rounders and hockey all took place in the morning while netball, gym, cricket and football all took place in the afternoon.

This meant for instance that Kamilla was forced to choose between swimming and rounders. She eventually chose swimming. As my other option, I picked gymnastics, Selby chose cricket and Kamilla netball. Each club was twice a week for an hour after school but we thought it was well worth it. Within a few weeks I recieved back my Geography and History coursework with a B each. My English coursework also came back with B and Kamilla and I were estatic to learn that we had recieved C for the Drama practical.

Unable to resist, Kamilla had borrowed The Conquest from the school library only three days after our return to school.  This time, the front cover of the hardback showed a picture of a huge mansion with a sweeping green lawn in front of it and a full moon shining over it.  As usual, Kamilla read a chapter each night and either rang me or caught up with me at break to explain what happened in it. Our intense involvement in the story made Selby laugh but he said he understood as he also enjoyed it.

I was deeply grateful for my time manipulation ability when the Year 10 mocks descended on us and we were forced to commit most of our time to revision. Kamilla nevertheless managed to save an hour before sleep for The Conquest and we were all grateful for the sports clubs as it helped to break things up a little. By the time the mock exams were over, we were all sure we had done reasonably well. I was not so sure about Maths or the Sciences but I knew the teachers would notify me if they were seriously concerned about those subjects and I ccould perhaps use my powers (not to cheat of course) but to help me if I needed to do extra work for them.

At last July 1st, Sports Day arrived. I took part in the swiming events with gusto, determined to simply concentrate and have fun and not caring who won or lost the events. In the end Selby was one of the few awarded a trophy and I was happy for my mate. I wasn't even jealous when Kamilla kissed him on the cheek in congratulations. After lunch the three of us went our seperate ways for the last half of Sports Day. When we all met up, Kamilla showed us the trophy she had recieved for netball. Both Selby and I gave her a hug but I let go very quickly.

The End

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