Chapter 10

Our teachers kindly did not give us any homework at all during February half term and I was determined to chill out after all the coursework I had done. The first day I had lunch with Letitia in town and then Letitia went shopping with another girl while I walked to Jack's house. I had promised to pay Mel and Jack a visit when I was in town and went to Jack's place first. It was totally cool and we crashed on the sofa chatting about stuff. I then went to see Mel. My visits were brief as I was not as close to them as I was to Kamilla or Selby. Nevertheless, I had an enjoyable time all the same.

The second day I popped round to see Kamilla. She had now read up to Chapter 28 and was completely hooked. Pepper and Sugar were out somewhere today. On Kamilla's request, I took the book from her and read her the next chapter.

 "What's a proprius?" asked Kamilla in wonder.

"No idea" I replied. "I expect we'll find out in the next chapter or if you find out first, will you fill me in?"

"Of course".

"Henry seems to think it's something ghastly anyway. I was sorry for him when he kissed Harriet in Chapter 27 though."

"Me too."

"I wish I could give you a peck on the cheek".

Kamilla obligingly turned her cheek. I kissed her, flushing.

"Thanks" I said breathlessly.

"You're welcome Mark". She smiled.

We chatted a bit longer and then I stood up to leave.


The third day I went to see Selby. When I asked him what a proprius was he only grinned and said "wait and see mate".

"Hey, have you ever seen Spectacular Spiderman Mark?"

"Well I saw that short clip of a guy being bitten by a spider in English in October along with the Batman and Superman clips" I replied, puzzled.

"Oh you gotta see this. It's totally cool. I'm also sure you'll enjoy it. I mean I know you're not into Star Trek much but this is not really the same as that. It's animated for a start."

"Oh okay." I sat down while Selby went to fetch his DVD collection of Spectacular Spiderman. He put it on and sat next to me on the sofa.

From the moment it started I really enjoyed it. The opening music and song were terrific and I found I could really identify with Peter Parker. In fact Selby and I watched the first four episodes one after the other. Selby's mum put her head into the room half way through the third episode and laughed.

"I see that your favourite show has another fan Selby" she teased. We both smiled.

At last, at the end of the fourth episode, I told Selby I had to go.

"I knew you'd enjoy it" he said, grinning wickedly.

"I loved it" I admitted. "I can't wait to watch some more with you another day. I wonder if Kamilla likes it."

"No idea. Why don't you ask her?"

"I think I will. Thanks for showing it to me bud."

"It's my pleasure."

"I just thought of something" I added sudddenly. "You, me and Kamilla are a lot like Peter Parker, Gwen Stacy and Harry Osborn."

"I've always thought that" Selby agreed.

I did a high five with Selby before leaving.


My half term just went at lightning speed. It felt good to relax after all that hard work. Selby and I ended up watching all the Spectacular Spiderman episodes he possessed and really enjoying them. Kamilla was interested when I told her but said she would let Selby show them to her himself when they hung out. Both Kamilla and I were disappointed when The Hypnotist came to an end. It had really been such an involving book. Still, as Kamilla said, we had The Conquest to look forward to, which according to Selby was even better.

The End

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