Chapter 9

When Ravenswan reopened on January 5th both Kamilla and I were forced to suspend our extra curricular activities because our coursework. Our Geography (and in my case History) coursework as well as our Drama practical were upon us.  All three of us, Selby included had our English coursework to worry about as well. Miss Clements, who ran Energizer was very understanding about my withdrawal from it. I did not rejoin the Arts Festival committee either. Even Selby withdrew from the school newspaper.

The time between January and March and May and July was always dull for the younger students in the school. I often spotted groups of boys and girls huddled round, looking bored or depresed because their usual hangout spots - the library, careers library and so on were closed becauise of exams. I often tried to use my empathic manipulation ability wherever I could to calm or cheer up these pupils. They had no idea why they felt so relaxed around me and one or two Year Seven girls even followed me around at lunchtime in fascination or watched from afar as I hung out with Selby or Kamilla.

I was flattered by this. I actually felt a bit like Henry from The Hypnotist. Kamilla still read one chapter of it each night before going to sleep and would fill me in on what happened at break the next day, or, if it was a weekend would ring me up. I didn't mind though. I started to really like The Hypnotist and made up my mind to borrow it and read it myself in the summer. I eventually submitted my coursework essay on The Handmaid's Tale as did Selby, Kamilla, Mel and Jack. By the end of January, I had finished and submitted both my Geography and my History coursework which had taken hours to do.

 I was thankful for my time manipulation ability which meant I could freeze time if I wanted total concentration or needed more time. I froze and unfroze time by looking intently at a clock or my watch and using mind control. In February, Kamilla, myself and the rest of our group did our Drama devised piece on the American Civil War to which we had applied Stanislavski techniques. We had to do this twice - in the morning in front of the examiner and in the evening in front of parents. By the time half term came round, we were all very tired and extremely grateful for a week's rest. However at the same time we felt fulfilled and exhilarated by how much we had achieved.

The End

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