Chapter 6

I decided to split my homework up and do half of it in the days leading up to Christmas and the other half in the week leading up to New Year so that I could relax at those times. I also helped my mum and sister decorate the small Christmas tree and put tinsel round the mantlepiece. My sister Letitia was six months younger than me, with long ebony black hair and chocolate brown eyes. Although we both went to Ravenswan, we rarely saw each other within school - we were each busy hanging out with our own friends, doing our own work and stuff.

On Christmas Day, when I checked my e-mail I found that Kamilla, Selby, Mel and Jack had all wished me a Happy Christmas on my ReConnect Me wall. ReConnect Me was the most popular social networking site in the world. One of my old friends at Foxcat had first introduced me to it by e-mail and since then I had been an active member of it. I replied on my friends' walls, wishing them Happy Christmas as well before heading downstairs.

We all had pancakes for breakfast as a Christmas Day treat before heading to the sitting room to open presents. My dad had bought me a brown dressing gown that looked exactly like dad's and for Letitia our dad had bought a nice looking white blouse and a long black plaited skirt to go with it. The blouse had three flowers embroidered on it diagonally. Letitia gave our dad a hug that almost squashed our dad flat.

"Oh my bones are cracking. My bones are cracking" dad joked.

 I also gave my dad  a hug. Then we opened mum's presents. Mum had bought me the four seasons of Lewis which I had always craved  and for Letitia two new pyjama sets. Letitia and I each gave our mum a hug. For Letitia I had bought Tom Savage's Valentine (the book) and a gift token for her favourite clothes store. Letitia had bought me two book tokens and a gift token.

We all had pizza for lunch. I shared a mushroom pizza with dad while my mum and sister shared a cheese and tomato one. We also had mango juice which we all loved. After lunch, I asked permission to spend an hour or two with my friends and then went off. Unfortunately I couldn't visit Jack or Mel because they lived too far away and took the bus to school but I could visit Selby and Kamilla and they were really my two best friends.

I visited Selby first, having rung to make sure he was in. We crashed on the sofa chatting and he told me all about the latest Star Trek DVD he'd just got. Though not really a Star Trek fan I listened anyway as he was my mate. I told him about how I vaguely remembrered a female captain in red and some guys from the 23rd century who were looking for whales and got into a bus that had an advertisement on it reading "Have a whale of a time". It was so long ago I had seen Star Trek though and I couldn't really remeember it but I was glad my mate enjoyed it.

I then went to see Kamilla. Kamilla threw her arms round me in a hug that nearly knocked me flat.

"Happy Christmas" she cried.

"Wow - Happy Christmas to you too."

She released me, blushing slightly. My cheeks were warm too.

"Er why don't we sit down?" I gestured to the sofa.

We sat on it cross-legged.

"So, did you have a good day so far?" I asked.

"Yeah thanks. Look at this new book mum got me for Christmas."

Kamilla held it up. It was a hardback and the front cover showed the picture of a teenage couple standing near the lock in a park. The boy was tall with black hair and cerulean blue eyes. The girl had long brown hair and brown eyes.

The title in italic lettering read The Hypnotist and the author's name Tianna Entrancing was printed in embosed white capitals below the picture.

"Cool. I'm not sure I've heard of that book before."

"It's a bestseller apparently. Look what it says on the back". She turned the book over and read the blurb.

"It's another ordinary school year for Harriet Thyme. But she meets a boy and nothing will ever be the same again."

"It's short, simple and to the point" Kamilla continued excitedly.

"Want me to read you the first chapter?" I asked casually.

She nodded. I put my arm round her and she snuggled up to me. I opened the book and began to read.

The End

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