Chapter 5

When we all returned after half term, we found loads of notices on our common room noticeboard advertising extra curricular activities. We were only allowed to do a maximum of three extra curricular things at any one time so it wouldn't clash with our studies, and Ravenswan was great in it's flexibility.

 If for instance some people in a group had to have rehearsals for Drama or something, the day and time of the extracurricular activity was readjusted to suit them. I thought this was quite unique. It had been suggested only two years ago by one of the school council representatives and had been granted.

Selby, Kamilla and I looked eagerly at the noticeboard. Kamilla decided to sign up for Netball Club and Rounders Club  as she'd liked those best in the lower years. Each club was only for an hour after school and both Kamilla and Selby walked home just like me. Selby chose to be on the School Newspaper team.

I signed up to be on the Arts Festival Committee whose main concern was raising money for charity, and also joined a club called Energizer. Energizer was a lunchtime club for the lower years The Year 10s and 11s taught the boys to play non commercial pool, played 4 in a row, Linkaword Endings, Hex a Word and other such games with the girls, ran the tiny shop that sold refreshments, streamed music and did all kinds of other stuff.

I wasn't bothered about losing my lunchtimes as I always had break to chat to my friends and the Arts Festival Committee only met after school once a week. The term until Christmas just went at lightning speed though. I made friends with Jack Ferguson, the dj at Energizer Club. He was a year older than me with the coolest hair I had ever seen. It was long and black and he tied it in a ponytail.

 When I was not busy teaching the boys pool or playing games with the girls, I sometimes solo danced to the music he streamed. I used telepathy a little while working in Energizer and responded to whatever the people around me were thinking. My unique gift meant that I could be certain that I read body language correctly where other people had to guess.

By the time Christmas came round, I had handed out flyers, sold non uniform tickets for the non uniform day we had had, set up a cake stall at break for a week to raise money for Children in Need and done a a day's sponsored silence as well. I was ecstatic that Energizer had really energized me.

Selby was in the design group of the school newspaper which I reckoned was a good choice given that the GCSEs he had chosen were History, ICT, Buisiness Studies and Community Craft. He had proudly flourished the first school newspaper at me during break one day in mid November and I thought that the design was the coolest I had seen.

Unfortunately Selby wasn't in the same History group as me. The humanities were so popular at my school that there had to be two groups for them just like the core GCSE subjects. When I tried to introduce Selby and Jack one break I was stunned that they already knew each other.

There was no Christmas event at the school apart from an assembly. I gave Selby, Kamilla, Mel and Jack Christmas cards on the last day of term and they did the same. This time I gave Kamilla a hug and she rested her head on my shoulder a second. I noticed Jack, Selby and Mel all looking at us. Then we quickly broke apart. My cheeks were slightly warm but I didn't say anything.

The End

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