Chapter 4

I've never got over exactly how quickly you can settle down in a new school. By the time half term came round, I was well into my GCSE subjects. I was pretty much average at the sciences. Maths was my weak point but I hoped I would at least pass it if I worked at it. It would be such a nuisance to have to resit. I excelled at English which had always been my strong point. As for Geography, History, Drama and Graphics, I was better at them than at the sciences but not as good as with English.

Selby and Kamilla fast became my best friends. They had hit it off as friends on first meeting. I sometimes hung out with them seperately. Sometimes the three of us hung out together. I often joked that we were like Harry, Ron and Hermionie from the Harry Potter series with me in Harry's role, Selby in Ron's and Kamilla in Hermionie's. That idea always made us laugh. Though I liked Mel, I somehow didn't consider her a best friend in the same way as the other two and, though she was happy to meet Kamilla, over time, she and Selby sadly went their seperate ways and hung out less. She preferred hanging out with me more and on our own. I apologised to Selby for this but he waved a hand dismissively, saying "Don't sweat mate. I totally understand."

I guess these things happen. Mel and I were completely relaxed in each other's company because I only thought of her as a friend and she only thought of me as a friend. I had to admit, though she wasn;t a "best" friend in the same way as the other two were she was nevertheless a close friend, a mutual friend of me and Selby. My buddy Selby was the connection. Still, as Kamilla says, relationships are complicated and there are different levels to them. Both Mel and Kamilla gave me a hug on the last day, though Kamilla let go very quickly. I did a high five with Selby and promised to have them round my place and introduce them to my family sometime over half term.


Half term was really enjoyable. I was eager to spend quality time with my family so it was only the second or third day that I invited Kamilla round to watch Twilight with me. We both enjoyed the Twilight trilogy - both the books and the films. I had not told any of my three friends of the supernatural abilities me and my family possessed, preferring to keep a lid on this. Firstly, I didn't want too many people knowing and secondly it was difficult to judge how people would react to it. I reasoned that even Edward Cullen had only ever told his girlfriend that he was a vampire, and no-one else.

On the fourth or fifth day I invited both Selby and Mel round. They weren't awkward in each other's company at all even if they had drifted apart a little. The three of us played a game of Monopoly. I was delighted that it was Selby's favourite game too. In fact he won this particular game and I did a high five with him to show there were no hard feelings.

 My family liked my new friends and Selby, Mel and Kamilla really liked them. In fact, I wondered if my mate secretly had a soft spot for my mum - I was diplomatic enough not to voice this suspicion though. I knew that it wasn't really any of my buisiness and that he would get over that eventually. It would be far too awkward to raise the subject anyway so it was best left unspoken.

The End

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