Chapter 2

By the time I was sitting in assembly, I felt somewhat calmer and more relaxed around Kamilla. I was as much drawn to her as I was when I first laid eyes on her but my shyness had somehow started to melt away. It could have been because she had the uncanny knack of making people feel comfortable around her. The moment she had started engaging me in small talk I felt as though she had lifted my self consiousness like a curtain and drawn it aside.

We had to stop talking when the staff came in. At first I tried to attend to the headmaster's speech but fifteen minutes in my concentration began to ebb so I decided to put my supernatural powers to use. I looked round the hall, my eyes scanning the staff and students. Whenever I detected a vibe of something like anxiety or nervousness from someone I fixed my eyes on the back of their head, telepathically soothing them while remaining completely silent. This activity so interested me that I was amazed to feel a tug at my sleeve. I saw Kamilla and other students start to stand up. I got up in a daze and followed Kamilla, my eyes once more lingering on her gorgeous glossy hair.

I reckoned I ought to stop walking with her once we were out of the assembly hall but I couldn't bear to stop. She smiled at me. I decided I didn't know or care whether she was in the same tutor group as me. Luckily for me though, she was. We sat next to each other as my form tutor came in. She also looked very pretty with fair hair tied up in a knot over her head and cornflower blue eyes but she lacked the kind of aura that would have drawn me to her. This was actually a relief in a way, given that she was old enough to be my mum and being drawn to her would have been embarassing. I put out my hand and accepted my timetable from her. Next to me Kamilla did the same.

I looked first at the structure of the day here. Ravenswan opened at eight and closed at half past three which was unusual but I reckoned that most parents did not like their sons and daughters coming home in the dark if it got dark early. Also there needed to be plenty of time to do stuff after school if you wanted to. At ten, there was always a half hour break and lunch was always between 12.30 and 1.30.  I nodded, content. It was better than Foxcat which was only open between nine and three thirty though thanks to my time manipulation ability, I could have as much time as I wanted. Usually only I could move about in frozen time but I did have the ability to make exceptions for up to three people if I wanted to.

We had our core which was English, Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. That was compulsory for everyone. On top of that you were allowed to take four subjects of your choice, provided it fitted the grid. I had enrolled on GCSE; Geography, History, Drama and Graphics. I had been rubbish at languages back at Foxcat so that was out, though I was disappointed as I quite liked German. Still, my sister had consoled me by pointing to this terrific site where you could learn languages from scratch for free from the experts themselves and I had chosen to do German on it as a hobby and that more than made up for it. I had no aptitude in music or art though I was learning the piano on Saturday mornings so those had been out.

Sport of course you could do after school if you wanted as there were loads of clubs and stuff. I didn't reckon I'd want to do a GCSE in it though. Buisiness Studies sounded kinda dull and though reasonably apt at computers I figured it would be far too technical to take a qualification in that. Drama was different which was why I picked it. I enjoyed performing but even if I didn't, at a lower level it was always great to develop teamwork, communication and stuff. So, I was more than happy with my choices. I compared timetables with Kamilla and was delighted to find that she was in the same English group as me and that she too had picked Drama and Geography, though she had gone for French and Textiles for her other two options.

At break, I noticed a guy of about my age lurking around near the Geography block so I finally tore myself away from Kamilla to go up and befriend him, figuring it wasn't fair to monopolise all her time, however much I liked her.

The End

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