Mystical Teenager

This story is about a guy with certain supernatural powers, told entirely from his point of view and (unusually for me) written in the first person. It is inspired partly by real life and partly by my friend Tianna's amazing works though obviously this is my own work.

Chapter 1

It was my first day at my new school, Ravenswan. I had previously been attending Foxcat school but since me and my family had decided to move to Twister's Village, I had to change my school. I didn't mind though. I got into the green and white unform and contemplated my own reflection - I was tall, had short straight, jet black hair and deep brown eyes, with glasses. I looked in short like a perfectly normal fourteen year old boy. Nobody on first glance would ever guess there was anything at all supernatural about me or my family - not that I boasted about this of course.

The supernatural abilities I possessed were; empathic manipulation, telepathy, telekinesis in all it's forms, animal mimicry, the power to switch back and forth between human and animal form, and social cloaking. All my family members also possessed the same talents.

Ravenswan was within walking distance, and, having set off early, I also arrived quite early. The school was large with a sweeping green lawn and a fountain in the centre. In the playground, I saw a girl about my own age. She had emerald green eyes and long gorgeous straight brown hair. She had let it loose and was wearing a soft black hairband but I was transfixed by the way her hair moved in  the wind.

I walked up to her.

"Er hi" I said nervously.

"Hey" said the girl smiling.

I wondered if I ought to use my powers on myself to calm myself down but I didn't.

"What's your name?"

"Kamilla Orchid." Her voice was soft and silvery in quality. "What's yours?"

"Mark Chapman".

"Well er..." I stalled. Kamilla smiled.

"Are you new here?" she asked.

I nodded mutely. "Are you?"

"Oh no." She laughed. "I've been here since Year Seven."

"So er which year are you in now?"

"Year Ten"

"Same as me".

I wondered if she noticed how my eyes lingered on her hair. If she did, she didn't say anything.

"Well er it was nice to meet you" I said quickly, noticing I had only fifteen minutes to get into the school assembly.

"Wait, I'll come with you."

I looked startled. Was she telepathic too?

"Er ok, thanks."

"No problem."

We walked together towards the building. More students were now arriving as well, all heading the same way.

The End

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