Mystic World: The Mystika Stone

Dirty water dripped annoyingly into the rusty sink. The old man could hardly see the cauldron in the dark, damp dungeon in which he dwelt. To this old man, however, the conditions were perfect. The cauldron boiled and bubbled, shaking the rickety wooden table it stood on. The man's ancient eyes glinted, with a kind of youth that you wouldn't expect to see in someone who had entire colonies of lice, nestled inside their decades-old facial hair. He edged across to the desk in the corner of the creepy cell. His leather shoes clip-clopped across the hard stone cobbles that made up the floor. Starting to think that this unused cell, deep in the castle's darkest dungeons, was perfect, he found his hand at his desk.

His hand opened a creaky drawer and removed a fine quill, a dusty bottle of ink and a crusty piece of brown parchment. He sucked on the quill, accessing his thoughts. After a few minutes thinking, he unscrewed the bottle and dipped in the quill. With horrendously bad handwriting, he scrawled:

Moonday, Gilleif 4th

I have been working all night and have made a major breakthrough in relation to the basic structure. By adding parts of a trichedredon's liver to the shredded bat wings stock, I enhanced the richness of my original solution. It's all very exciting but I must keep quiet, if my superiors had even the slightest hint of what I am doing....I dread to think. I should like to think that what I'm doing will be used for good and not for war. The only thing I'm not looking foward to is the fame. I would say now that I don't want any part of being a local hero, but who knows, I may grow accustomed to it. Strangely enough, I'm not that worried about screwing out my eyeball in a few months. It's a shame that I only need a sliver of my pupil, seems a waste. But I can live without it. At least I hope I can. As the one person who, if they got their hands on what I've recreated, would be the most dangerous conseqeunce of all and he is right under my very nose.


The hand that was slowly writing jolted as the old man leaped up from the chair he was sitting on, sending it crashing to the floor. He snatched the parchment urgently and stuffed it hastily into his jacket pocket. The person who had opened the cell door was half way down the stairs and descending quickly. The old man pulled up the chair and slammed the drawer shut.

"Who goes there?" He queried in a croaky, faltering voice. His answer came first in the form of the footsteps that grew louder and louder untill finally stopping at the bottom of the spiral staircase. A deep voice rung out, making the old man's hunched body stand at attention immediately.

"It's me."

"Lord Rhino!" Exclaimed the old man, his tone changing from raspy suspicion to high-pitched regret. "I was so rude, I am truly sorry my Lord." Lord Rhino was shrouded in darkness, but the old man could see an arm wave in dismissal.

"That's alright Rygil. Just be careful before you jump to conclusions or I will be most displeased."

"Yes of course my Lord." Rygil replied, his stomach feeling like a vice was clamped over it.

"Now," Lord Rhino smiled through the pitch black of the cell, white teeth gleaming scarily. "Where's that wonderful remedy of yours, I believe I will be coming down with a virus very soon."

"I'll just have a look in my store cupboard and fetch you some now my Lord." Rygil replied obediently. Knowing never to question the Lord of the region, he shuffled over to what looked like a normal section of the shabby wall. He dug his fingernails in and prised open the door of the cupboard. The door creaked eerily in the silent chamber as Rygil surveyed its contents carefully. Inside there was a jar of Kung Foolery tablets, endless boxes with names faded, (causing Rygil to forget its contents and leave alone) wound closers, disease handlers, headache aggrevators and near the top shelf in the middle stood another jar. It was huge and full of pinkish gold pills. A big label was boldy pasted across the front but the inscription was one that Rygil didn't understand. For he had found this jar, along with many others in one of the old cells and used them for his own concoctions.

Rygil slipped nineteen pills into a blue sachet and tossed the packet across the room, where Lord Rhino effortlessly snatched it from the air as it approached him.

"Thank you Rygil." Lord Rhino said in a pleasant tone of satisfaction. Which quickly changed to suspicion. "Tell me, Rygil. Why were you rushing about when I came down here?"

"I er, um was just startled my Lord. It's very late and I thought it might have been an intruder." Rygil replied, his old heart pounding.

"I see. So what's that in the cauldron over there?"

"Um, thats just an er...anti-ageing lotion I'm working on." Rygil hurriedly strung together whilst trying to mask the fact that he was lying through his crooked teeth. He eyed the small black cauldron, now simmering quietly in the corner.

"I see. So is this secret project going well then Rygil?"

"I beg your pardon my Lord?!" Rygil gasped in alarm.

"The anti-ageing lotion." Lord Rhino replied simply.

"Um, yes its going fine, just some minor adjustments and it should be ready in the next..couple of months." Rygil's mind raced. Was he being lead into a trap? Or was he being paranoid? Either way, he had surely acted foolishly in his reply.

"Well, I'll see you around Rygil." Lord Rhino said loudly, "and thanks again."

"My pleasure my Lord" Rygil replied, once again pulling himself up from his hunched posture. And with that, Lord Rhino calmly put his pills into where a pocket might have been. He then gracefully turned with his cloak swishing into visibilty as he disappeared up the winding stairs.

[200 Allards Later]



"Ain't chu ganna drink that or what?"

Alex Marshall lifted his head from the book he was reading. An ugly Ramboid stared down at him, its eyes blinking impatiently. All seven of them.

"Sorry...must of....ahhhhh....dozed off."

"Well don't chu do it agan alrigh'? This isn't a bleeding doss house."

"Ok, sorry Ballack, it won't happen again."

Ballack was the owner of a small resteraunt on the outskirts of the city Argone. Alex lived here in the fairly quiet place known as Blipen, which was the name given to the little town outside the inner city of Argone. Most of the settlements were enchanted log cabins strong as skyscrapers and the cobbled streets lead through the whole town whilst slowly winding into Argone. The most prominent sight of Argone towered over Blipen like its guardian. The huge golden statue of Galdoa. An elephant stood upon one foot, front feet flying in the air. Galdoa's statue also towered above most of the tall buildings in Argone, like a holy god surveying its very own miniscule world.

The resteraunt in question was The Ram Shack, aptly named by its owner. Alex would often come here, to read one of his many fantasy books to get some respite from the real world. His father hardly had any time for a 13 year old, blond-haired bespectacled loner like Alex. One of his more prominent hobbies was feeling sorry for himself. In a world like Nomradia, there were more than a billion things to do. Yet for a boy of Alex's age, he couldn't venture very far. He'd only been into the city twice in his life and they were very breif visits.

Alex suddenly realised he had ten minutes to get back to school. He packed away his book into the flimsy bag he normally carried and hurried out of The Ram Shack, the bag swinging over his skinny shoulder. He remembered he had left most of his lunch and would have kicked himself if he could. His bony legs carried him through the cobbled streets, surrounded by colourful wooden houses. Fat old hags were hanging washing out of their windows whilst toddlers played marbles on the road. Trying not to get distracted he rounded a corner down a backstreet alley that he frequently used as a shortcut. He stopped abruptly, in front of his school. A huge building stood there, a magnificent pearly white structure. The largest building in Blipen. Alex averted his gaze to a rundown cabin to the left of the white building, that was his school.

* * *

Alex slowly retired to his bedroom as the sun went down. He lived in a small house around the corner from the town square. It had a wooden front porch and in all honesty looked more like a tool shed as opposed to a place that people actually lived in. He sat down on his plain bed, wondering what he was going to do with himself for the next couple of months. The end of his school term beckoned the holidays and for most children adventures all over the land. Yet for Alex there were no skiing trips to Mortica, no magic carpet ride over the Bay of Death and not even a sliver of hope of going to the ancient island of Enyoder. Argone lied in the depths of North Junius, the most boring place in the world according to Alex's subconscious , yet according to most folk, the most exciting conteninent in Nomradia. Why couldn't his father afford to go to, say, San Moines desert? Or even a beach resort on the Pessimistic Pacific Ocean. It plain annoyed Alex that he never got to do anything interesting. Ever.

A few feathers were sent flying into the air as Alex's head made contact with his flimsy pillow. He watched absent mindedly as they floated back down dreamily onto the wooden floorboards. His mind drifted from a girl in his class, to wondering what would happen if he lay there forever, back to the girl again, as she laughed at him when he fell over earlier in the day. His face twitched at the embarassment as it stung him again when he heard the front door swing open. His father came bursting into his room, clearly enraged.

Oh god, not again.

'Got bloody sacked again didn't I! Alex felt a jolt in his stomach as his fear was confirmed.

'What did you do this time Dad?' He asked slowly and with care.

'What did I do! What did I do?! I'll tell you what I did! Nothing!! I innocently went over to get a drink from the water fountain and this jacked up goon accuses me of pushing in front! Well, you know me don't you!'

'Oh you didn't hit him Da..'

'I simply upheld my rights and knocked the twat out!' He boomed, cutting through Alex's sentence.

Grimacingm Alex again, slowly and with care, began another. 'Surely if you'd not lost your temp..'

'What are you looking like that for? Eh? Disapprove of swearing? Grow up you little girl!'

Alex knew this was coming and almost let it wash completely over him, before it sneakily burrowed into his head to make him feel upset sometime in the near future. (About 20 seconds)

It was almost his Dad's second nature to verbally destroy his helpless son but it still bothered Alex. I really should try and stop feeling sorry for myself he thought before realising his father had disappeared and was now in his own bedroom. He got up and skulked into the kitchen. He started to pour some ale hoping to calm down his now un-employed father. Suddenly, a metaphorical cog in his brain clicked into place and he remembered about the trip. Fat chance. Beforing delivering the mind-numbing alcohol(at least it was mind-numbing in the excess that his father drank it in) Alex pulled out the note from his teacher Mrs. Suite that had lay forgotton in his bag.

A school trip to Rowdania, the greatest city in the world. It's own population reached the millions and it was well known for having the best money could buy(cheaper than anywhere else) practically everywhere. People where known to have never left the city upon arriving for a brief visit. Sure it wasn't a holiday, but it was potentially Alex's quick ticket away from Blipen for a couple of days. He had a fleeting yet vivid daydream of the best day of his life, which slowly deformed and twisted into his father saying 'You've gotta be JOKING.'

With a sigh, Alex approached the bedroom door that was marked with 'KEEP OUT' to warn the already scared-of-even-thinking-of-snooping-around-his-father's-bedroom mentality, he had aquired from day one. He carefully prised the creaky door open and looked with horror at the scene before him. His father's boot whipped out of sight as it was dragged out of the window. The curtain blew high into the room, clouding the already dark outside world from view. Alex dropped the mug unceremoniously onto the floor, and while his mouth never touched the ground, his bottom lip also dropped unceremoniously. The mug cracked down the middle while the ale sloshed and splashed everywhere. Not really thinking, Alex ran around the big bed and stuck his head out of the window. He heard an almighty THUD and as he craned his neck to the right to find the source of the noise, he grimly realised it was a heavy object colliding with his head....

The End

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