Claws and FangsMature

Saphira narrowed her eyes and focused Perfyrra Why? The purple dragon flapped her wings and skidded nearer to Saphira until they were face to face. Because you never mentioned she existed. After her arrival you have replaced her for me. And you know the funny thing? You can't replace me. I am one of the mystic four and she is nothing. Saphira sneered in disgust at this statement. But it was truthful; for Saphira could not kill or hurt Perfyrra. One point in the Code of Conduct for the Mystic four.

Nalia got up gracefully and slid into the empty sopace betwen the lizards. This is what destroyed the humans, Perfyrra. Don't let it get to you. Perfyrra roared and tossed her head in anger. Get out of my head, kitty. Nalia looked hurt but simply turned and with a whip of her tail declared Lets go Saphira, I don't think we want to have anything to do with her. This statement set the Perfyrra into the ultimate stage of angry rage.

She spat red hot fire after the cat which quickly leaped out pof the way and pegged for the forest. Flying low with all skill Perfyrra followed and clawed at the black mist of speed. When the trees occured more regular she swayed above and stabbed the earth with piercing jets of fire wherever she saw Nalia.

Saphira was not to be outdone by her and sped through the air after Perfyrra. As she made on final beat with her wings and was about to rip apart the lilac dragons flesh she was thrown back by an enormous wave of invisble power. She let out a fierce scream as she hit the floor; then everything went black.

When Spahira shortly after reopened her eyes Aslan comfortably lay on a dead branch of wood; and Nalia with several heavy burns and wounds was curled up underneath the tree. Perfyrra was perfectly fine, she soared above them in immaculate circles feeling guilty of nothing. At this Saphira sneered weakly and lifted her head. Saphira. Aslan; contrary to his relaxed posture, spoke with utter force and power. I know of your conflict. But I am not impressed with the actions you yourself chose upon. You were ready, and eager, to kill and tear apart one of the Mystic four which is, in itsself a crime, what makes this case heavy is that you tried to do so. Saphira had sat up and now towered high above Aslan, but still felt like a mouse.

Saphira, I can not act on you as I would on others. But in this case; I must ask you to leave Narnia for an undefined period of time. Now. 

The End

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