“You can’t” Saphira had widened her eyes and stared at Nalia in disbelief. “Oh I can, and I will right here and now.” The blue dragon bolted backwards over the surface of the lake. “Nalia, I will not let that happen” She hissed and reluctantly landed on a flattened out stone surface slightly above Nalias position. “Paying back debts is no easy business, cat” Nalia rolled her eyes and got into a comfortable position. “You dragons know everything better, don’t you?” Mock and anticipation coloured her voice. “I have to ask you this; do not under any circumstances distract me during this.” The holder of virtue scowled and rested her head.

Paying back debts was a very messy business. It was only conducted when absolutely necessary. Debts were taken on when a blood siblings-pair was separated for whatever reason, when re-united the partner which left had to open them up emotionally and let their two minds float into one. It was so difficult because, no detail could be hidden, sometimes when a very saucy detail occurred one of the two would forget who they were, and simply lose their soul in the oblivion.

“Shakerofyyn Efheyysnd Skfjoeryyfcutla Pinskajrendhyyk Debtyyyuarrr”

Saphiras mind was pulled into a vortex of pictures, all smudged together into one big ornament of events, Saphiras and Nalias. The cat took over and directed Saphira towards the moment when they had last seen each other’s faces. It had been a night, a bit like this. They were walking together, two young children, talking about the game they were playing at the moment; the war against the insects. Aslan turned the corner and walked toward them taking Nalia aside. It was just like that night; only that now Saphira could hear. “You need to go, now. Gulbratir is waiting for you.” Aslan said this in a way that made Nalia frown and walk off, without a word even to Saphira.

Nalia scanned through the next few memories quickly, for they were not very significant. The next scene was about 2 weeks back and Saphira watched Nalia, not that far from where they had picked up Destrov, creeping through thick undergrowth. She was alone, scuffed up coat and her feet were cut. It was only now that Saphira heard the chant “I need to find Narnia, explain to Saphira.” This was all her friend said and had said for the last 5 weeks. Astonished the dragon watched on. Out of the trees there was a noise: humans. Nalia did not see or hear the approach. Saphira could almost feel the chains around her neck and the struggling against the ropes suppressing her chest. Nalia lost the fight and was carried off to the Destrovian camp.

A few hurtful episodes of struggle later, Saphira heard herself roar. In that exact moment joy and longing filled Nalias heart and she found the strength to break through the chains and run towards the pass of Golden Trees to see Saphira bolt down the vertical wall.

The next shots were different than expected. Nalia in Aslans castle. Nalia being groomed and washed. Nalia being greeted by Aslan. Although Saphira saw this happen, she also felt Nalias hurt and confusion of being teleported back to Narnia. The cat re-considered what she had seen. Only after a few times having remembered she realised, Saphira was the holder of the virtues.

“Shakerofyyn Efheyysnd Skfjoeryyfcutla Pinskajrendhyyk Debtyyyuarrr Repadyyr”

When the memories had broken off, Saphira shook her head in disbelief. Nalia had not left her on purpose; she had been teleported far away and ordered to walk; al; this in order for Saphira to complete the training. But the dragon was not angry and when she opened her eyes to blink into the rising sun, joy bubbled within her as she saw that Nalia was lying next to her, belly to belly they watched the sun rise; not knowing that something with good camouflage was creeping onto them.

The End

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