Saphira re-connected with the pack. "Miss, who are you? I have never heard you before."  Pefyrra said this dryly and with upset colouring her normally light voice in a deep purple. "Thought we finally got rid of you there." Lavador sounded delighted and happy to have her back. Saphira flew wearily and tired, the places where she had lost scales burned. She awaited Smerald to comment on being unreliable, but he spared her and decided to soothe her emotional wounds with his presence. The blue dragon flew through the starless night, aiming for a specific place.

When she had finally reached the Lake of Juramyyre, she perched on a big jagged rock and gazed over the immaculate water contemplating her options at the moment. The first was to talk to Nalia. The second was to run away. Saphira knew she had to talk to her; but not yet. It was to early at the moment to come so close to her again.

She jumped into the air only to then fold her wings together again and shoot towards the surface of the lake with indescribable speed. When she finally broke the surface she could feel her wounds heal adn the scales regrow quickly. Saphira sped deeply into the water until she could feel the sandy floor underneath her edgy claws. The lake had a depth of about 96 metres and Saphira was still fairly comfortable under water. "What exactly are you doing?" Perfyrra sounded even more pissed than ever, simply because Saphiras nightly diving session had disturbed her while sleeping. "Perfyrra, don't tell me when to do what." Saphira growled in her mind at the stubborn and selfish dragon. Perfyrra did not boter to answer, and Saphira took this one as a victory. She batted her wings and started her journey upward towards the stars.

When she had finally reached the surface, Saphira gazed at the stars and wondered whether she would ever fly that high. She tipped her head to the side and realised that there was someone there, watching her. Without hesitating the bluie dragon quickly swam into the direction the scent was leading her, moving her tale and body like a giant watersnake. I am in no hurry, whatsoever. She thought to herself, trying to keep the movements subtle and relaxed. Her true inner feelings were quite the opposite though; she felt outraged, excited, scared and nervous all at the same time. When she finally reached land, she knew that this was going to change the way she looked at the world. When Saphira had got out of the water and stood opposite Nalia, cocking her head and anticipating the first words; the cat simply looked at the floor and whispered:

"This is what I owe you, I will pay you back my Debt."

The End

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