Saphira held herself as low as possible while flying over the trees and hills of far south Narnia, here there were no dragons or mystical creatures as this area was reserved for prey. It was big enough for all the dragons and creatures to feed freely, without disturbing the carefully balanced eco system. Saphira landed softly in a glade. She decided to go by foot for the last few Kilometres as it made it more difficult for anyone to find her. “Truswyyre Prjnde Kurksayy” the charm for being indiscoverable helped her even more as she quickly felt the bubble close around her own mind; when she had dislodged herself from the other dragons. As soon as she had done so loneliness filled her; the feeling every dragon deeply despised. The gurgled sob erupting from her throat and the big dragon tears flowing from her eyes made it too difficult to fly, another reason to walk on and never look back.


Saphira had walked through the deep forest for a few hours now, and had finally reached the biggest mountain in Narnia, Traskura. The dragon cowered down on the floor only to then leap up 50 metres or so and hold on to the creaky stone. She moved efficiently up the mountain, wings closed for discretion. It was not so long that the holder of virtues found the entry to the cave she was looking for. Its entrance was small and for Saphira a real challenge to get into. But once she had crawled a few hundred metres trough the tunnel, she had made it.


The cave itself was as high as the mountain and had a very respectable width as well. It was theoretically almost big enough for Saphira to open her wings about halfway. She was now scanning the room, especially the old lair in the middle of it, self made from a little dragon and her best friend for lifetime. It had inflicted her too much pain to return before; but now it had been the only place she thought was where she wanted to be, alone. Saphira curled up in the lair and sighed, staring at the crystals that were enhancing the high walls, every colour imaginable was deputized in here. “I did put a lot of effort into this place.” Aslan walked out from the shadows admiring the crystals. “You knew that I wanted to be alone.”  Saphira still lay there without moving, tired of all the games. “I did, but I thought I had to do some explaining.” Saphira snorted angrily and clawed at a crystal, which then fell to pieces. “She is the one having to do the explaining, Aslan, and you know that very well.”  The Lion now sat right where Nalia used to sit when they had been small. “It was me that exiled her, she did not do it deliberately.” The dragon whipped around and stared at Aslan closely “Exiled?”  The deep growl evoking from the deepness of Saphiras heart was threatening and dangerous but Aslan stood strong. “Yes, so you could complete the task at hand without any distractions.” Saphira now roared with all might, which lead to most of the crystals shattering on the floor. “You could have told me.” This was the last thing she said as she took flight in the too small space and shot through the top of the mountain causing the loss of a few scales. Aslan was left standing within the destroyed cave and watched the blue dragon fly away in the night. He mumbled three words and turned his back on the crystals and stones regenerating into the beautiful ornaments, pictures and mosaics which made up Saphiras place of birth.

The End

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