The brisk, tense atmosphere in the room was broken by Perfyrra "Who is the mother, Aslan?" The dragon hovered above them like an omen, ready to break down and destroy everything. "Don't talk about me like I am a Kitten." Nalia moved gracefully down the stairs starting towards the exit, without bothering to join the discussion. "The mother is magic, herself, you pathetic lizzard." Tha cat walked on like she was magic herself. No one would have expected the next step, not from her.

Saphira took of the ground and landed in front of Nalia like she was her prey, towering above the cat ready to attack fatally. The dragon bared her teeth that gleamed like hundreds of sharp death bringing daggers. Smoke evoked from the blue Nostrils and the deep growl of anger rolled through the holy halls of victory. Caught in the moment Nalia opened her eyes widely and hissed in fear "Daddy, make her stop !!" Saphira only chuckled and prevented the cat from escaping with her long tail. "I can't do that. Saphira is untameable; and you upset her. One thing, Nalia, is very important to me. We are all family and will always be. I will never control any of you fro you choose to follow and listen to me. You need to learn that you are not special, but a part of me like everyone else." With these harsh words Aslan turned and left through the main door into the courtyard.

Saphira let a deep throated laugh ring through the halls. "So Miss magic, how about fighting a pathetic Lizzzzzzzzzzard?" She hissed the last word so that she sounded like a snake. Smerald simply sailed through the air and landed behind the scene. "You are both being equally pathetic, I will see you later Saphira. Lavador, hunting?" Lavador eyed the scene and quickly decided that nothing memorable would happen now that Aslan had left took of his pillar and nodded towards Nalia. "Don't insult my Girlfriend again, you might find yourself a little more toasty." Perfyrra did not grant Nalia another look. The three walked out, only to then take of and fly towards wherever the scent of prey might lead them.

When the mighty doors closed noisily behind the dragons Saphira let Nalia escape, although she decided to stay in her position until further notice. "Where were you all this time?" Saphira sounded hurt, finding her childhood sister was something she never thogt of before. "Aslan had ordered me on an errant, that is why I left. I found out when I came back that you were the chosen one. I had to leave because of your Destiny." Saphira turned around and enclosed herself fully within her blue wings. "Nalia, you could have helped me compensate this. All the four virtues at once, it just was too much to take in sometimes." Nalia walked around Saphira, until she stood right in front of her, she gently knocked the wing like a portal leading to a place that she wanted to reach long ago. "I remembered when you used to do that. Always when there was no syrup left." Silence. Saphira did not move one inch. She vibrated from within, Nalia was intellegent enough to step back.

Saphira roared and spat fire in random direction, tears running down her face flying through the air, crashing into walls. and finally ending up on the curled up and bleeding on the left leg. The victorious hall regenerated, but Saphira had not yet. "I know you will leave me again, you lied, I can not forgive you... yet" The hurt Dragon took off and flew towards the mountains of Narnia.

When the doors closed and the darkness subsided over the hall, because all of the four dragons had left, Nalia was left alone to grief over her actions, again.

The End

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