Saphira bowed her head gently towards the big lion as she dropped Destrov by the stairs, leaving him still unconscious. “Had he seen anything?” Aslan eyed the human wearily turning away from the light shining to Saphiras window to trot towards Perfyrra. “No Aslan, he fell unconscious when we opened the curtain.” Smerald assured him while curling up in his lair suspended from the ceiling.

 The body started to move on the granite floor as Aslan was greeted enthusiastically by Perfyrra. “Aslan, he is awakening.” Saphira watched the warrior moan and sit up, while protectively standing in front of Aslan. Lavador started grimacing and backing off. “Are you scared of a human?” Perfyrras voice was full of mock as she eyed the red dragon. “There is something –“ Aslan cut him off harshly, and nodded towards Destrov, who was staring at Aslan with disbelieving eyes. “Do you know why I brought you here?” The lion said this aloud – to intimidate and likewise make it easier for Destrov to grasp who was talking to him. “To keep me as a prisoner and ... ... torture me?” The king chuckled and answered “No.”

Destrovs face was book of emotions, glad not having to sit through torture, but then frightened and most likely unprepared for what the lion was going to do with him. "This is fun." Lavador sat on top of a massive stone pillar having a good view on things. Only Saphira seemed to hear the edgyness in his voice. She tilted her head towards him; tried to make eye contact, but failed.

Aslan walked over to Destrov and brushed his mane against the scratched and damaged skin of the human. As Aslan had reached the back of his prisoners head he tilted his moved towards his ear and as the fangs closed around the dictators throat, cleaved it of the spine easily.

Blood drenched the floor as the body disappeared and was taken to a place were dictators of Destrovs sort belong. The magic cleaned the room immediately and as the distraction had faded, Saphira smelt it too.

"Aslan there is someone here - someone of our kind." Saphira fixed Aslan which seemed aware and totally relaxed. "It is not a dragon." Perfyrra corrected the ruby and nodded towards the far left corner,where something was moving in the shadows.

From there emerged a black panther, as big and seemingly mighty as Aslan himself. Her green eyes were scanning the dragons all the same - excpet for Saphira which she stared at with a confidence that could only be inhabited by someone which knew who the were and what they could do. Saphira answered with the same stare, eager to not give in to the female.

"This is Nalia, my dear Dragons." Aslan proclaimed when she sat down next to him

Still her gaze transfixed towards Saphira the panther added

"I am his daughter."

The End

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