Leaving behind the last trees and hills of the crystals, the dragons loosely held themselves north-west until they caught sight of Narnia. The human tried to get out of Saphiras grip, sickness and disgust was his feeling when he saw the Narnian land. It was burned down, grey and full of ash. A place where no one could possibly, want to exist. In disbelief he stared up at Saphira “Are you serious?” he choked “This is the land I long to have? Why do I feel sick?” The blue lizard shook her head as she came to a hold short before the ash that had settled on Narnias floor started, the other dragons did likewise.


Together they roared; in a manner that could make the world stop turning, in a manner that stopped hearts beating. In such a manner that Destrov lost conscience. When they had closed their fangs, a curtain opened revealing the most wonderful land one could think of. Lakes, Seas, Mountains, plains – it was Narnia


“As only the roar-“


“Of the mystic four-“


“Can reveal-“


“Aslans land.”  Saphira completed their chime happily as she flew into Narnia, and was greeted by hundreds of dragons and creatures cheering in their minds from all over; the warm feeling of home and love ran through her veins.


They flew into the heart of Narnia, Aslans castle. It was the most beautiful castle one could think of, white with as many rooms as one could possibly want. Towers, little ornaments and alcoves decorated the outside. The inside was filled by stained glass windows which told stories of Aslan and his land – everything that ever happened was recorded by these. The magic itself made them; whenever there was a recordable event a new glass window appeared telling its true story.


The courtyard was made up in four different sections, for each holy dragon there was one. Saphiras place was biggest and held the most valuable stone found in Narnia – a big, clear Sapphire. Smerald had a clear, green Emerald. Lavador was the holder of the biggest Ruby existent. The Purple Topaz was saved for Perfyrra. Once the dragons had all positioned themselves on their stones, these lit up in a magical light and resulted in the hall of victory opening.


The hall of victory was several hundred metres long, and every hero that Narnia had ever seen had their own stained glass window along the corridor. The inner was magical, meaning that only if the four dragons, together, or Aslan wanted it could be opened. Down the far end of this mystical place there were the four biggest windows showing Saphira, Smerald, Lavador and Perfyrra in victorious positions over the land of Narnia. Saphiras window was the most impressive, as she was the holder of all the four virtues and therefore the mighty and strongest of the pack. It showed in the air with expanded wings, ready for attack towards an invisible target she seemed to fix up with the green eyes, made from real diamonds. The Altar before her window was big and held ancient scriptures about the virtues, decorated with gold and Narnian silver it was almost too good to be the place for sacrifices.

 At the altar standing blinking against the heavenly light was the true King of all land, Aslan.

The End

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