Saphira lifted her head and hovered over the remains of the small camp. She was eyeing the burning logs and fallen tents. He should be here somewhere. None of the other dragons had even caught scent of him. When the dragon touched down on the ash there was a hard thump. She reached out with her mind, looking for any sign of life and called in a threatening voice “You have exactly this one chance, Destrov, or it will become even more painful than it is already” No answer. Angrily the dragon sniffed the air. Turned her head back and forth, roared.


Then there was the movement on the far side of the camp, up the pass she saw the figure; moving slow and loudly through the thick undergrowth.

“I will not bother myself with this.” Perfyrra answered when she saw Saphiras look.

“You go ahead and catch that human.” Saphira snorted and took off towards the mountain pass.

 When she reached the edgy wall of hard stone Destrov was struggling with, amusement filled her expression. With a bat of her wings she flew above him, made a quick U turn and landed right in front of his face; having dug the sharp claws into the vertical wall. “You haven’t made it far.” Stating the obvious she let her magical voice ring in his head, pleased seeing the frightful look on his face, and chuckling at the plans he contemplated to escape with. “I... I never wanted to...” he tried making excuses for his army was taking a try at defeating Narnia, or more likely, trying to take it over and tame the dragons and other magical beasts that lived there. “Do not lie. I dislike the humans for that habit.” She lowered her head which was almost double the size of the human dictator himself. He had the guts, remarkable really, to lift a hand and almost touch her. She showed him her teeth in disgust, pushed herself of the wall and grabbed him carefully. “We are leaving.” She declared this to the other three dragons which in time had gone through the camp to make sure no warrior had survived to tell the tale.

 “Are you taking me to Aslan?”  Destrov had asked this question so many times that Saphira contemplated if dropping him down the 300 meters would actually be quite a good idea. “If you don’t do it I will.” Lavadors nostrils were smoking with annoyance as he scowled at the human for about the 456th time. “Aslan would not be very happy, Lavador” Smerald looked tired, and eyed Lavador suspiciously. “The green one is right.” Perfyrra flew around over excitedly, doing her somersaults and twists. Saphira would have loved to join her friend, but she was carrying the prisoner, as usual. “You know my name.” Then there was a purple swish and Smerald was out of the formation, and struggling to detangle himself from Perfyrra. Lavador roared in laughter and sprayed a fountain of hot fire into the air.

The humans mind was confused; he had no idea why the dragons were suddenly relaxed and not disciplined. Saphira lifted her head and stared towards the end of the Crystal mountain range, behind which their destination was seeded.

“Narnia is near.”

The End

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