Mystic FourMature

This is a mix from Eragon (only the dragons though) and narnia. but most of it is my own.

Hope you Enjoy!

Saphira lingered before the pass of Golden Trees behind which the Destrovian warriors would have set up their camp. The last rays of sun began floating over the trees, and the branches of the majestic pines turned golden, giving the scene the magical twist which made this land so special.

Saphiras 12 meters of pure muscle moved into a more comfortable position against the rock, her movement making the scales of blue diamond shimmer in the last light of a long day. She lifted her head breathing through the nostrils; scowling as she smelt the distinct sign of humans fire and sweat.

As the last rays of sun got swallowed by the Crystal mountains. The leading dragon narrowed her green eyes - and gave the signal for the three other dragons to start their attack.

" Finally - Aslan had us waiting long enough" Lavador roared supressedly an prepared to start  over the pass and bring death by fire.

"I wish these humans would go by themselves" Smerald wavered insecurely planning his next moves.

"Sleek and Silky" Perfyrra stretched her wings in anticipation.

"If we do this quick we can be back in Narnia by tomorrow" Saphiras reasonning made the Dragons purr in agreement.

The leading Dragon roared with such strength and power that near pines lost needles, partly even whole branches. After this the whole world seemed to stand still for exactly two seconds.

Until they attacked.

In their usual V formation the dragons bolted down the steep valley and divided the big camp into four parts by cutting them of with flames stronger and hotter than any describable fire. From then on the rest was creativity.

Lavador fought with rage and destructive security.                                                          Smerald fought with tactial moves and intellegence.                                                        Perfyrra fought with sleek flight and fast movements.                                                           Saphira was the holder of all the four virtues.                                                 





Together they made up Narnias most powerful and valueable army:

The mystic Four.

The End

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