Saving Leader - Part 3Mature

Phillip walked through the hallways of this so-called base, annoyed that he even had to be here. Behind him, several rocks of various sizes followed the Sovereign of Mineral, with more rocks in a sack on his waist. Gah, that fool Leader! He probably got tricked by a pretty girl.

Two men ran towards him from the front, both with swords and holding flames in their hands, ready to throw. These 'fireballs' were probably the worst way to use the Flame mystic, and this from a guy born with only mineral, but the entirety of the Eastern Nations used them despite that. Both the cultists went down easily, two rocks for two filthy fools.

This 'base' was really just a massive building that was once used for an office of the Scarred Sanction back before they became a privatized military based in Arena down south. It had three stories plus two basement levels, but Phillip knew they would keep a Sovereign in the lowest basement. Probably had an Alcheic user seal the room, too. Damn Air users were inventive. 

Though, that boy, Arch - or Zero, like he called himself - would become much more than inventive. He had not only Air, but Water, Plasma, Mind, and Mineral. Being a desert lad, it was safe to assume he could use Mineral fairly well - all of them damned sand dwellers seemed to be able to - and Mind he could use well enough to control someone weak of mind. He claimed it was only for a moment, but that was more than enough to be considered a master. Only  the Sovereign of Mind could command complete control over another mounseiken. 

That meant that the Sovereign was the one behind the assassination of the King.

Phillip entered a doorway and started walking down some stairs, but his mind was elsewhere. He had entertained this thought before, but now he seriously thought about it. The last Sovereign of Mind had died in the Great War to a red lizard. Phillip's own master had seen it happen. No apprentice chosen, either. So, that made it possible that.... Filth, any mounseiken could be the damn Sovereign!

His knew this already, though. What made him give this thought was that whoever was the current Sovereign of Mind was likely working for the enemy. With that power added in to this group, that made them a threat. Should he take them out? No, that fool boy would think it was ok to kill.

He had worked hard the last month to teach Monstroth not to kill at all. What kind of face would that behemoth of a boy make if he knew Phillip didn't believe in anything he taught. That he was a hypocrite.

Gah, he would be just another Specialist soon. Monstroth had the talent to learn faster once he got past the basics. Why did the Creator give him brawn and brains?

The stairs let out into another hallway, though this one without doors. A man stood halfway down the hallway, looking bored under the light of the torch above him. He actually didn't see Phillip until the Sovereign was nearly upon him.

"Who are..." the fool trailed of as he caught sight of Phillip's brown cloak and Mineral insignia. "How did you-"

"Speak or do anything else, aside from releasing my friend," the Sovereign threatened, cutting off the fool, "Or your head will pop off like a Lightning urn." Fun devices for parties in Mar. The man knew he was serious, too. After all, there was a ring of rocks now surrounding his neck and a Sovereign holding them there. 

The man nodded slowly, knowing he was probably not getting back up any time soon. He pressed his hand against the wall and a door was drafted itself out of the wall between them. Phillip opened it with a rock and saw Leader sleeping inside.

He had gotten lucky. Phillip had thought he would have to repeat this routine throughout the damn place, but the wolf had caught the hare on the first try. He knocked out the man he had in a choke hold and walked into the cell.

"Get up, you drunken idiot."

Leader, who was in his green cloak - though filthy - woke with a start. The man was beyond old, with heavy wrinkles and obvious deteriorating health. "You actually came to free me?"

"It's my turn," Phillip said with a sneer. "Tim did it last time when you pissed of Lord Gavin by sleeping with BOTH of his daughters."

"That was twenty years ago!" Leader stood up slowly, mainly from his failing body. "Can't they just let it go?"

"Obviously not. Now can we go? The whole blasted building will be alert before long."

Leader sighed. "You left the bodies in the open?"

"Shut up and get moving, you old lecher!"

"Alright, alright, let's-"

The sound of an inhuman roar quieted anything Leader had been about to say. Phillip looked at the older Sovereign in question. Leader nodded gravely, rushing out of the room with Phillip on his heels.

The lizards were here.

The End

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