Saving Leader - Part 2Mature

"I forgot how big you were, my lord," Zero said as he catapulted onto the next rooftop with his Air Mystic. Monstroth groaned and thanked the Unscarred Creator he had his massive body. As far as he knew, he was literally the largest - and probably strongest - Mounseiken alive. So Zero wasn't wrong.

Monstroth ran and leaped the twenty or so feet to the next rooftop. His legs hit hard and he felt bones creak, but a quick heal with Plasma made Monstroth quickly forget the pain. "I don't understand how you can be at a Sovereign level when I've barely scratched the surface."

Zero's face fell down a little and a sad expression came over him. "Sorry..."

Now Monstroth was confused. "Sorry for what?" he asked, leaning down to shrink his size. "You should be proud of your accomplishments. Learning a Mystic takes years of dedication to those who aren't Specialists. You have half of all the Mystics and learn faster than anyone in known history. So be proud."

It didn't help the boy. "My brother always got mad because I learned so fast, though," he said, looking over the building to watch the people move about. "He hates me now."

Brother... Oh, that brother. What was his name? Zane? "I'm sure he doesn't hate you," Monstroth told the boy, using his best smile. "He just doesn't know how to feel about it. I mean, you would be world famous had your father not kept you out of public eye." Saikren had to be the reason after all. A boy this powerful...

Zero smiled a little. "Thanks, my lord." He bowed in a half-decent manor as well.

Monstroth shook his head. "I am just a fellow mounseiken now, Zero," Monstroth told the boy. "No more bowing or calling me prince. Besides," Monstroth rose to his full height, "You don't need to be even shorter." 

The boy nodded but then looked over to the buildings ahead they needed to cross. Monstroth's master, being a former bandit, probably had sharp eyes and was watching for them. In order to follow him and remain hidden they decided on the rooftops. Monstroth was... well, he had been described as a walking mass of muscle more than once. Jumping rooftops wasn't hard. 

And Zero was essentially the Sovereign of Air in all but title.

"Would you mind..."

"What?" Monstroth asked, seeing the child was smiling shyly. 

"Throwing me?"

Wait, what? "You want me... to throw you?"

Zero nodded. "Uh huh. I know I can fly with my Air, but I thought it would be fun..."

Monstroth sighed, but smiled. "If you get hurt, I'm telling your father you wanted this."

A smile split Zero's face. "Don't worry, I won't!"

How could he say no to a child? Monstroth always had a sweet spot for children, mostly because they were so... honest. They usually did what they felt like and took the world as it was. Of course, rumors would claim him to have malicious intentions, but Monstroth just wanted to help all the children he could grow up with that same honesty. 

And, in order to do that, you needed to spoil them from time to time. Also, Zero had been tossed off the Zalazor tower by his own father more than once according to rumors. Monstroth hadn't believed them until earlier when hearing about just how skilled Zero was.

So, Monstroth grabbed the boy with one hand - Zero was just that small - around his stomach and help him overhead. "Ready?" A nod confirmed it and Monstroth flexed his full body, twisting with the throw like a Palledball player would. 

And then Monstroth watched Zero fly away. Farther. Farther. Farth... Oh, sands.

Monstroth took off to the next rooftop. Zero wasn't slowing and that throw was more powerful than Monstroth had thought it would be. Way too much so. He kept forgetting that he was not only the largest in his family - a bloodline known around the world to produce almost inhumanly giant men - but the strongest as well.

He had thrown the boy off the side of Mar's cliff. 

The End

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