Gathering - Part 3Mature

Zane sat up, looking at Thorn standing above him. It wasn't even morning and... He shook his head. The night's events still seemed unreal. He knew why, but... Sands, he was supposed to hate her! But, how could he? Zane had realized he had a companion. 

His thoughts were distracted, however, when he noted Thorn was acting even more odd than usual. Why was the idiot just staring at the sky?

"It's coming." Her voice was monotone, rejecting any emotion that would otherwise be in it.


Thorn shook her head. "I don't know, I just..." She turned to him, still naked - though he was past that bothering him - and shook her head again. "I don't know. I just know something is coming. Something bad."


Tim glanced up at the dark sky. So, it was actually happening? Over fifty years and... Well, he wasn't surprised. With those blasted sand dwellers and the even worse Tav nobles fighting and bickering, it was bound to come. Still, it wasn't like Tim would enjoy this...


Ah, so the time had come. Heric watched the sky as his apprentices crowded around a child with a broken leg. They had been practicing in turns, healing it slowly. With so little conflict, practicing Plasma was somewhat troublesome. But, soon they would have plenty of practice. Heric would need to find an apprentice to succeed his title of Sovereign. Fast.


Jeroha stared into the sky. No... No, no, no! He had already been through this mess once! Blasted Sin! He watched the caverns of the Well around him, making sure no one was near to see his Void fail. Instead, he was forced to embrace Water and form a small serpent out of the dew on the surrounding rocks. How long had it been since he had given up being Sovereign of Water, only to be called back to... this. 


One by one, the Sovereigns were alerted. Whether they knew of their abilities or not, they knew the time was coming once more. A time of blood and Mystics, of ruin and conflict. It had already begun with the invasion of Faerein, but now it was fully engaged. 

The Great War was once more upon the world, the Lizards ready to feast after fifty years of waiting.

In order to survive, the Sovereigns must gather in order to form a beacon for the people, lest the whole of Mounseik fall to the Lizards. 

The Scarred Father wept openly as he watched the world through his mind. Why? Every time, without fail, HE interfered! There was still a chance for peace to be restored. War could be avoided. But, no... He had a role to fill. He had to send the Lizards. 

All this old man could do was watch and pray. Oh God oh beloved brother, let them survive this next trial. 

The End

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