Fall of Faerein (Part 3)Mature

Roger walked down the empty streets, hours after night had passed. Most of the citizens had been evacuated to the Well, as per the king's orders, and there were surprisingly few casualties; just a little over a hundred dead and twice that injured. Considering there were tens of thousands in Faerein, it was nothing short of a miracle.

Of course, Roger was more suspicious of something else at the moment.

Three times during the day, a Lizard passed him to attack Lord Craetor and that insolent Void user. Roger had been on point, too. The only logical explanation was that someone knew their importance to the group. Roger was a skilled Mineral user and could also use Air to a certain degree, but he was not as powerful as the others. And Sylvester had been in the rear, so he could have just been an afterthought.

How could the beasts sense power, though? Or did they have someone else feeding them information? If each Lizard possessed a Mystic, then there was bound to be a Mind using Lizard, right?

A roar pulled Roger out of his thoughts.

Overhead, a red Lizard dropped into the street Roger was occupying. Too late to run, there was only fighting now. Roger accessed his Mineral Mystic and pulled the sand littering the ground around him. Faster, faster!

"Damn beasts," Roger cursed, realizing he had been too slow. So much for his patrol.

The red Lizard rushed forward, mouth open and ready to eat. The rows of sharp teeth reminded him of a creature his mother had told him of. It was called a 'shark.' Ironic that that would be his last memory.

Death was surprisingly painless. Roger had closed his eyes expecting a piercing feeling along his body followed by agony, yet he felt nothing except the dryness that Mineral caused to flow through his body. Slowly, he opened his eyes.

A red nose covered in spikes stood an inch away from his face, smelling Roger deeply. The Lizard that owned the nose eyed him curiously. Roger didn't know why, but he raised a hand and patted the Lizard once. The beast leaped back and growled deeply, yet still did not attack.  Was it waiting for something?

Roger pulled sand from the area again, deciding to use this odd moment to his advantage, but the beast took flight. It gave him one last look and flew off towards the wall.

"What in Cain's name just happened..?" Roger said slowly, watching the Lizard disappear into the darkness of night.

The End

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