Fall of Faerein (Part 2)Mature

Jeroha shoved the sword in his hand forward, towards the Green Lizard that dashed towards him. The beast was fast, but Void allowed Jeroha to alter the distance between it and himself. His sanity felt a pulse of instability, but Void help strong. In a flash, Jeroha's sword pierced the beasts neck from more than a dozen feet away. He had altered the distance to do just that. 

Where were the blasted creatures coming from? Jeroha was considered blessed. He had Alcheic, Water, Plasmic, Mind, and Void Mystics. A deadly combination. He was even Sovereign of Water and called a hero in the Great War. He had conquered the Serpents and used them in battle. The fact that just a few hours of fighting these beasts showed him he was out of practice. 

He had been toying with the young King of Fearein too much. 

'Phaw,' Jeroha though as he cleaned off his blade, 'This is all that fool Rhazin's fault!' The boy had fallen. Jeroha was sure of it. The only question was how much longer did Jeroha and Sylvester have? The other Void users in Faerein were not strong enough to fall to... him.

As Jeroha dispatched another Lizard - this one red - in a similar manner as all the others, he heard voices. That cursed boy king and his allies from the sounds of it. What were they still doing out? It had been hours since the first Lizard appeared! They should have evacuated.

"...clear this way, sir," a stern voice said, proving it's owner to be an Earth Guard. 

"Good work, Roger," Craetor's voice said. What kind of a name was Roger? It sounded... Wrong. "We'll take these people to the shelter in Maenir Street. It'just around..."

A large bald man in Earth Guard came around a corner to the side of Jeroha, followed by Craetor. Usually, Jeroha would have fled after letting the giant of a king see him once, but today was different. It was a day of battle. 

Sylvester came after Craetor and was the first to speak. "Master!"

Jeroha chuckled. At least one of his apprentices still lived. 


Craetor had to supress the urge to capture the man standing before him in black robe. It had become a game of cat and mouse a long time ago and Craetor was always the foolish cat. 

"You," Craetor said, trying to sound as calm and in control as he could, given the situation, "I have no time to toy with you this day. I have a city to save."

The man chuckled in his usual way. "You know as well as I that this city is lost." He pointed to the sky, where three Lizards - all red - flew by. The beasts didn't seem to notice Craetor and his group, luckily. With Sylvester and Roger alone, he didn't feel he could protect the eight citizens hiding behind them. 

Craetor sighed. "That you may be right about, but this kingdom is alive so long as it's people breathe." A phrase from the Mandate he liked. "And we have the Well we can retreat to." 

The Master of Void nodded. "That place will be good. Your ancestors made sure of that when they settled here." He pulled a sword from inside the robe he wore. "What's the plan, then?"

Craetor would have questioned the motives of this man, but he was reluctant to give someone as powerful as this old man a reason to leave them. Better to strengthen the forces he had. 

"We find as many citizens as we can before the sun falls. Night is going to be our enemy if the old stories are true."

"They are, boy," the master said with a nod. 

"Watch your mouth when speaking to the king," Roger said in his not-so-nice tone. 

Craetor shook his head. "It's alright, Roger."

"Understood, sir." 

Unpleasant at times, Roger was still the best damned soldier Craetor had seen in quite some time. It was a waste putting the man as a simple guard, even if he was one of the elite Earth Guard. 

"Let's go, men," Craetor said, gathering as much sand as he could from the ground and forming a ball of it on his back. "We make for the shelter to hide these people, then move to find more survivors." Craetor turned back to one of the people - a large man who worked as a blacksmith - and placed a hand on his shoulder. "You're in charge of these and whoever else we pick up. Lead them to the Well from the underground tunnels. Understood?"

The man nodded sternly. "Yes, my lord!" 

It was obvious he was nervous, but Craetor had faith. The Well had long been abandoned once the city walls had been built. Essentially it was an underground tunnel system that wound around a massive underground lake. The walls had been reinforced by Alchaiec masters and had never once shown signs of wear. It was, in essence, the Heart of Faerein.

But... That damned master had been right. The city was lost. All Craetor could do was retreat. 

For now.

The End

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