Fall of Faerein (Part 1)Mature

"Roger! Sylvester! Davel! To me!"

Craetor ran through the streets of Faerein, followed by nearly three dozen citizens, half a dozen guards, his four remaining Earth Guard, and the Void User Sylvester. He had gathered them all in just two hours after the attack started, but already they moved like a trained unit. It was called Hornston Syndrome. People who were forced into a military unit would begin to act like trained soldiers out of necessity. Craetor had never seen it, nor had he ever wanted to.

Citizens should not have to fight.

"My lord!" Davel said with a quick salute, "No Lizards have spotted us. The path to the castle is clear as well." Davel had lost his helmet along the way, revealing a youthful face with a wicked scar. His mannerisms, however, were that of a veteran. Very useful, if a little unique.

"Good, take one more Earth Guard and the other men to guard the citizens as they escape," Craetor ordered, pulling some more sand from the ground and coating his arm with it. Dryness permeated through his body, but he had long since cared about that. "We will head to Market Street. Meet us once you've secured the people."

"Understood, my lord!" The youthful man said in his deep voice, saluting once more.

"Oh, and if you see Loke or Doney, tell them to meet with me as well. We need to combine our forces." Davel nodded and left with the others, leaving Craetor alone with Roger, Sylvester, and another Earth Guard named Hellara. Both Earth Guard had lost bits of their armor in the last fight, but they had managed to subdue and slay the Red Great Lizard. Sands, they were powerful, though! Poor Sylvester was nearly at his limit already and the Earth Guard were not far behind.

"My lord!"

Craetor looked to the sky, checking for any shapes. "Yes, Sylvester?"

"I used a plane and it looks like a form of Void was used here recently. It might be him."

"I don't have time for him right now, Sylvester!" Craetor barked, sending the man back a step. "First come Faerein! Then we can deal with that man! Understood!?"

Sylvester smiled a little and nodded. "Yes, my lord." To the man's side, Roger snarled. He had removed his helmet to see better, so Craetor wasn't surprised to see the bald man this time around. Sands, any other time he would scold the Earth Guard for shaving his head, but now was not the time!

"Roger, you're lead since you two won't let me be it. Watch for survivors. We leave no one to those beasts." The two Earth Guard saluted and moved forward. Craetor followed with Sylvester just behind him.

Why was this even happening? Craetor dug through his head for a reason, but he could find none. If the beasts had come from the border of the desert, then messengers would have been sent to warn the capitol. Void users were placed on nearly every side for that purpose alone! They would have to see the Lizards! Sands! Craetor needed to save the city first. He knew this, but... He couldn't stop thinking about how the attack happened.

"My lord, a green!"

Craetor pressed up against the stone wall of a building, copying his Earth Guard. Up ahead, a Great Lizard's head appeared. The beast was green, as Davel had specified, but it was also smaller than the red ones they had faced earlier. Craetor tried to remember the old stories, but all that came to mind was a rhyme told to kids.

"Red will roast you, maybe toast you." Craetor whispered to himself, watching the green beast look around. Sand had been pulled up to camouflage the four men. "Blue will spit and splatter, turn you into a sticky platter. Green... Green will gust your body, make you red and dotty."

That was it? Red and dotty? What in Cain's Sin did that even mean!? Craetor wanted to curse his Father's name for ever teaching that rhyme to him, but forgot to as the green Lizard spotted them. Craetor had to move first. The beasts were fast! Gather the sand and-

A gust sent sand flying everywhere. It only took a moment for Craetor to pull the minerals from the air and see again, but in that moment, the green beast had crossed the gap and gotten a mouth around Davel's head. Sands! How was it so fast?

No, don't think about that! Observe and strike!

The Lizard ripped the helmet off Davel, despite his hold with Mineral, and moved for another strike. Now was the time! Craetor pulled sand from the air and began to place it around the beasts neck. Choking had the best effect on these beasts. Well, so far it had worked.

This time, it did not work.

In a flash, the Lizard had it's jaws on Davel's head. The man didn't have time to even shout before the beast pulled it's catch free of the body it had once called home and started chewing. Deval's body dropped, but not before the beast dashed out of the alley faster than any Air User. Scarred Father, Craetor didn't have a chance to stop it!

But, he knew how it worked now. Each of the Great Lizards could use one Mystic. The green ones must use Air to enhance it's movements. It was the only explanation.

"Roger, you're lead. Watch for the greens. They use Air to enhance their movements." Craetor spared a look at Davel's body. "I don't want any more casualties if I can help it."

Roger grunted, but started moving to check the area.

The End

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